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19 Unique Online Home Shops You May Not Know About (But Should!)

You’ll want to bookmark all of these.

By Katherine Fluor

When it comes to creating a home you love, it’s all about the details. Because the past several years have seen us spending more time indoors (and now, even with mask mandates lifting, have solidified our enduring love of interiors), I’ve realized how important it is that my home evokes a calm and cozy energy. I want to ensure the space that I curate and envision makes me feel like I’m entering a personal sanctuary—and welcome others in with love and comfort. To that end, finding the best home décor shops online has been my most recent passion.

We recently moved into a new house that has a completely different, mid-century vibe. I’ve been scouring the web for pieces that feel right for our new space, and in the process have discovered countless unique online shops that have made it onto my list of new faves. For me, furniture and home accessories from sources that are slightly off the beaten path feel extra special—every piece that enters our home has a story behind it.

Life has been busy lately, and I haven’t been able to spend my weekends at estate sales or exploring local boutiques. Solution? I’ve tried to shop small and support home décor shops online shops instead. I’ve found some real gems that I never knew about—but now, I can’t stop sharing them with everyone. After you get to the end of this article, I imagine the same will be true for you, too.

Keep scrolling for 19 charming home décor shops online that are full of unique treasures.

Feature image by Michelle Nash.

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Image by Michelle Nash


Say that three times without smiling. The cheery name is a reflection of all the treasures and delights the store contains. Woonwinkel offers no shortage of vibrant décor. Fill your home with a few of their pieces, and I can guarantee they’ll be the focal point of any room. I can’t get enough of the abstract pillows and rugs from StudioPROBA, Octaevo’s curved candle holders, wire baskets, and trays, and the store’s stock of Estelle Colored Glass. Treasures abound.

Open Spaces

If you’re curious about the buzzy brand behind those amazingly cute shoe racks you’ve seen all over Insta, here it is. Open Spaces beautifully blends a minimalist aesthetic with bold, poppy colors. If you’re thinking about doing a little (or a lot of) spring cleaning, their baskets, bins, and trays have you covered.


I love when stores are committed to curating not only a shopping experiencing but weaving a narrative throughout their entire collection. MANTEL was founded with the intention of celebrating the craftsmanship and sharing the stories of local artists. Karen McClelland opened MANTEL after twelve years of teaching art and ceramics. The Portland-based brick-and-mortar and online shop boast a beautiful array of mugs, vases, and planters plus other small home goods like blankets, candles, pillows, and more.

The Yo! Store

The cutest shops deserve the cutest names. Founded in 2016, the store specializes in modern and colorful garments and homewares. The Yo! Store was founded in 2016 by Sarah Radcliffe after moving to Portland from London in 2009. As a mom of two and with her background in buying, Sarah infuses a bright, cheery, and eclectic aesthetic in every piece she sells. This is the kind of place where all the cool, where-did-you-get-that? pieces come from.


This carefully edited collection features items that are rare, cohesive, and can all live in a single home. TRNK’s thoughtful approach to collecting home goods means everything from the lighting, décor, catchalls, and furniture is carefully sourced and of the highest quality. Those looking to invest in authentic, original pieces will have a field day with this incredibly luxe high-end online home décor shop.

Montana LaBelle Design

Montana LaBelle poured her passion for vintage furniture and curating unique pieces into launching an online shop with everything from custom furniture to ceramics, art, hardware, and more. Her vintage pieces are curated from around the globe, with the goal of mixing timeless vintage and modern goods for the ultimate cool aesthetic.

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Image by Matti Gresham

Bolé Road Textiles

Designed in New York and handwoven in Ethiopia, Bolé Road designer Hana Getachew’s pieces infuse her love of traditional Ethiopian textiles with her extensive design experience at an architecture firm. Her love of vibrant colors and graphic patterns infuse her textiles with a global modern aesthetic that is truly transformative. The pieces combine ancient weaving traditions, passed down through the generations to today’s master local artisans, with a modern, chic style. All of their products are ethically sourced and crafted by Artisans in Ethiopia.

Saffron + Poe

Check out Saffron + Poe for a selection of specially curated and ethically handcrafted housewares from artisans all over the world. Everything in their collection, from furniture to rugs and textiles, is ethically and sustainably made by hand using traditional techniques. That means each piece is completely unique and directly supports the people and communities who craft them. Co-founders Fiona Bronte Burr and Johanna Vente Anderson are committed to the brand’s mission of fostering relationships with artisans around the globe and sourcing one-of-a-kind goods for a modern home.

Amber Interiors Shoppe

If you’re looking to inject a bit of laid-back, California cool into your home, then look no further than Amber Interiors Shoppe. Full of cozy, eclectic, and unique pieces, the online shop carries a special selection of quality-driven, handmade products for every corner of your home. From a furniture collection to vintage pillows, rugs, lighting, accessories, and much more.

Morrow Soft Goods

Morrow Soft Goods co-founders, Stephanie Cleary and Michelle Toney infuse their backgrounds in fashion and architecture throughout their thoughtful brand. Their passion for beautiful products and sustainability guides their aesthetic, which is strongly inspired by nature. Think earth tones, natural materials, and organic patterns. They are committed to creating timeless investment pieces that will last a lifetime,  which is why they keep their product offering small and made of the highest quality materials.

JUNE Home Supply

JUNE home supply is my go-to shop for gifts, small home-goods, and functional items that look beautiful, simple, and clean. Think lovely textiles, beeswax candles, tabletop pieces, elegant tools, and a whole selection of simple gems you never knew you were missing.

Asher + Rye

Asher + Rye is a lifestyle brand inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design. That aesthetic is combined with a curated collection of eclectic home goods, jewelry, and accessories handcrafted from artisans around the world. Located in Savannah, Georgia, the husband and wife design duo shifted their focus from their design firm (Rethink Design Studio) and opened a shop in 2012 that was dedicated to warmth and simplicity. Drawing from Scandinavian influences, the brand is modern, functional, personal, transparent, and inviting—as evidenced by the layering of one-of-a-kind market finds in a series of cozy curated vignettes throughout the studio.

The Citizenry

In curating their collection of beautiful home goods, The Citizenry is laser-focused on the story behind not only their products, but the artisans who craft them. When shopping, while my primary goal is to welcome a beautiful piece into my home, The Citizenry helped me see the importance of celebrating the many hands and individuals responsible for their beauty. With this intention in mind, their online storefront boasts an impressive assortment of soft goods, furniture, and décor. Every piece is wholly unique, but can fit seamlessly into any space.

Dear Keaton

Dear Keaton promotes resort living every day. Founders Christie Shepard and Chris Hutcheson, travel buffs and former home textile industry execs, envisioned an online marketplace with a highly curated selection of home furnishings, gifts, apparel, and accessories. They channel the relaxed vibe of some of the most beautiful resorts around the world. Dear Keaton was created for those who have traveling spirits or simply dream of wondrous destinations, and we love that their globally sourced products are all artisan-made, sustainable, and fair trade.


Jungalow started as a design blog in Justina Blakeney’s tiny, plant-filled living room back in 2009 and has since grown into a lifestyle brand and the go-to source for jungalicious design goods and inspiration. The shop features signature Justina Blakeney Home and Jungalow collections designed in her Los Angeles studio as well as a curated ensemble of creative, colorful, modern goods from around the globe. Every piece is vibrant, creative, and inspires me to think outside the box with my own home décor. I also love checking their rotating selection of high-quality, exclusive limited edition art prints from an international group of female artists. If you’re looking for unique ways to brighten up your home, you must check out the Jungalow.

Shop Jungalow

Camille Styles home, bedroom, Michelle Nash photography_home décor shops online
Image by Michelle Nash

DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio

Get whisked away into the beautiful world of interior designer Laura Hodges. In addition to her design business (I’m always checking her out for some major inspiration), she created DOMAIN. It’s a home décor shop online with a curated collection of local and globally sourced fair trade and sustainable home decor, original art, unique gifts, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Shop DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio


At GOODEE, you can find an inspiring array of goods made by companies that prioritize intention, quality, and care. From home décor to personal care, each beautiful, essential, and timeless item in their inventory is carefully selected and vetted by their in-house sustainability team. A GOODEE stamp of approval means that every item they offer is ethically made and transparently sourced. Driven by an unrelenting desire to co-create a better world, GOODEE is centered around talented artisans making beautiful things and consumers looking to make a difference with their purchases.



Arguably one of the most well-known shops on this list, Schoolhouse has become a regular on design store roundups—and the reason is clear. Purveyors of “modern American heirlooms” the brand is committed to designing, crafting, and curating home décor that’s steeped in purpose. While in my early twenties, I was thankful for the on-trend décor I could buy for cheap at Ikea, Schoolhouse taught me the beauty of a “buy better, not more” approach. While some products are admittedly pricey, the timeless quality you get from each piece is well worth it.

Shop Schoolhouse

Sunday Shop

This quaint shop calls the famous Magazine Street in New Orlean’s Uptown District home. It is a must-go every time I visit the city, and I wind up wanting to stay for hours browsing the perfectly curated displays. The shopping experience truly evokes that feeling of a perfect Sunday: calm, sunny, and clean, with white linens billowing in the breeze. It’s evocative of jazz playing, incense in the air mixed with lemon and herbs, fresh greens and flowers from the garden, and something roasting in the oven. Sunday Shop is truly a holistic retail experience for all of the senses.

Shop Sunday Shop

This post was originally published on March 20, 2021 and has since been updated.