9 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier for Fall

By Cristina Cleveland
Fall, Cozy Bedroom | Bring It Home

Cozy Fall Bedroom | Bring It Home
It may have been 87 degrees in Austin this week, but that’s not holding me back from wanting to surround myself with all things comforting and cozy. I’m ready to roast vegetables and don a cape, but since our weather hasn’t quite caught up I’ve been finding ways to make my home look and feel the part. Whether you live in a climate where the leaves actually change or you live in California where it’s 75 and sunny all year, you can still transform your home into a cozy fall lair.

Cozy Fall Bedroom | Bring It Home
Horse photo. I’m mostly into solid, neutral colors, but fall and winter always inspire a love for tweeds, tartan and herringbone patterns – the traditional prints of equestrian gear. This black and white print is an understated way to set the tone, which you can add to with your textiles.

Check pillow. This window pane print is beyond versatile. Add a fur or flannel throw and you have a modern take on fall plaid, then in the spring you can pair it with a floral print for a completely different look. I’m loving it for both clothing and decor right now.

Basket. My mom always kept a basket next to the sofa full of wool throws and quilts. When I think of cozy this is the first thing that comes to mind, and it’s a quick and easy tip you can incorporate in your living room today.

Rug. Not only is the window pane print versatile, but it’s also incredibly easy to mix with other prints like this plaid (even if you find mixed prints to be intimidating).

Jenna Lyons portrait. Yes, this portrait would take you to the next level of Jenna Lyons fangirl-dom, but more importantly its warm, earthy colors give a fall touch without being a painting of red and orange leaves or pumpkins.

Wall light. Now that we have less hours of daylight, you may find yourself using things like lamps and candles a lot more often. If you have dark areas of your home that lack a light source, now is the perfect time to bring in additional lighting.

Vase. This is another one of those versatile black and white pieces. In the spring it would be perfectly Insta-worthy filled with peonies, and in the fall you can switch those out for eucalyptus branches or even herbs and berries.

Beeswax candlesticks. Probably the fastest and easiest way to make your home feel cozier is to light a few candles. If they so happen to be winter scents like pine or clove then all the better. Right now I’m loving the warm, golden color of beeswax candles over the more common white.

Leather pommel. Another equestrian-influenced piece, this leather pommel has the effect that a pair of brown leather boots can have on an outfit – instant fall. And just like boots, the more worn in this leather gets the better it will look.

*Inspiration photo via hunted interior