Gallery walls can be an intimidating project to start because as we all know, the best collections are acquired over time. And finding the art is just the first step. You still have to frame it all in a coordinated fashion and arrange and hang them in a formation that’s pleasing to the eye. So if, like me, patience is not your strong suit, then I recommend the latest spin on the gallery wall: hats. You probably have a couple already, and if you don’t then I guarantee your local Goodwill has a whole shelf of straw hats and fedoras. Last weekend I even salvaged a stack of unwanted hats in my parents’ garage. The best part is you can take this art right off the walls and wear it out whenever you like. That, and the fact that hanging these does not require a level and can be finished in just 10 minutes with a few small wall hooks. If you have a bare wall that’s in need of a statement, would you try hanging a hat collection?

Hats – Of course this is the number one must-have item if you are going to achieve this look. This stack of fedoras is by Yellow 108, but truly any sort of wide brimmed hat creates the same effect.

Wall hangings -You may find that once you hang your hats you still need to fill in the wall space with decor. You can either hang them, like this wall hanging from Anthropologie, or you can lean them against the wall like the ladder or an art print like this Albuquerque Sprawl photo by Mark Yaggie. I searched far and wide for a miniature wooden ladder with no luck, if anyone knows where to find one please let me know in the comments!

Brass hooks – I simply used a nail to hang my hats, but I know that Command Wire Hooks with adhesive work just as well if you want to avoid putting holes in the wall. If you’re going to be using your hats regularly, leaving your hooks exposed, then you could opt for something like these brass hooks from Everyday Needs.

Stool – Your hat collection can really go anywhere you like, whether it’s above a doorway, over a bed, or in an entryway. In the inspiration photo above they’re hung above a bench, but a couple of stools like this Tilda Stool by Nina Mair would also look great in an entryway.

Basket – You can have a lot of fun playing with different colors and textures from straw to suede or wool. Make sure to bring other textured accents into the room like this pom woven basket by Eliza Gran, this African textile from Nomad Collective or the mixed metal and stone tic tac toe set by Kelly Wearstler.

Inspiration photo by Tessa Neustadt.

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