8 Steps to a More Stylish Bathroom

By Cristina Cleveland
How to up your bathroom styling

How to up your bathroom styling

Fraying towels, a shower curtain liner that has seen better days, finishes that wouldn’t have been your first choice – if your bathroom is a pain point in your home, it won’t take a renovation to make it your happy place. You can knock out these styling tips this weekend!

How to up your bathroom styling

Cloth shower curtain – Nothing says “dorm room” more than an unattractive shower curtain. In such a small room, a shower curtain takes up a huge amount of visual real estate so this is a good place to focus your budget.

Toiletries – If you have products on your counter, one quick styling fix is to hide them all in a drawer. This might take an organized drawer divider, but nothing throws off styling quite like bad packaging. Keep the items you use every day in the top drawer and save the counter space for only the prettiest products. If you really love a particular bottle, you can even refill it when it runs out.

Matching towels – It sounds simple, but you may be working with a varied collection of towels in various conditions or states of disrepair. A quick way to dress up your bathroom (and your experience using it) is to get a full matching set.

Towel hooks – Once you have your set of matching towels, show them off by hanging them on hooks. I recently hung hooks up in my entry way and it was the fastest project I’ve done in my home!

Tile – Retiling your bathroom crosses over into the renovation side of things, but the options don’t stop there. I use sample tiles as coasters, trivets, small trays in my home. An ornate tile can be a perfect little pedestal to style your perfume or jewelry.

Plants – This is true for any room, but the bathroom is often neglected when it comes to indoor plants. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, then a print of plants can create the same effect.

Bathmat – This bathmat’s cheeky, but it doesn’t feel like an afterthought the way most bathmats do. You can use a bamboo mat for a spa-like feel or a bath towel mat like a hotel. Just don’t neglect this element, because it does get used every single day.

Stool – This will be space-dependent, but if you can afford to add a stool next to the bath it is a great way to add some more interesting lines into a space that typically has standard cabinets.

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