A couple years ago I made it my New Year’s resolution to become a morning person. I’m a night owl by nature so it’s taken work, perseverance and all the hacks in the book to get there. I love reading and talking to people about what works for them and trying it out — even the trick from one friend who said she jumps out of bed every morning while saying “seize the day!” (yes it felt silly, but it did set a positive tone to the morning). Keep reading for the practices that work for me, and please share your morning wake up tips in the comments. I’d love to read them!

Start the night before – This single tip is the difference between a morning that goes off without a hitch, and one that feels frantic and hurried. I try to get as much of my morning routine done the night before – pack my lunch, pick an outfit, put away dishes.

Remove the guesswork – Those minutes you spend looking for your keys, searching for your glasses, or trying to remember where you took your rings off, they’re invaluable when you’re running late! Designate a place for everything to live. A hook by the door for your keys and a dish on your nightstand for jewelry will remove all the guesswork and make your mornings much more efficient.

Make the bed – There is a nice feeling of finality that comes with making the bed. Once you do, you are less likely to lay down or even sit on the bed until the evening. No need to load up on ornamental throw pillows when you have these pretty scalloped sheets.

Scent – Whether I have time for some YouTube yoga, a 10-minute session with Headspace or even just when I’m putting on makeup, I like to take the time to light a candle or some incense. It makes even your typical Tuesday morning feel a little bit indulgent. I’ve recently started using a diffuser so that my bathroom always smells lovely, without having to worry about lighting and then blowing out a candle. Antica Farmacista is donating 100% of our profits from this scent to Stand Up 2 Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

*Sources: inspiration photo Hotel Panache, light West Elm, malachite prints Wisteria, headboard The Family Love Tree, diffuser Antica Farmacista, sheets Serena & Lily, green dishes Etsy

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