This Bedroom Design Trend Proves—The Early Aughts Are Very Much Still In

How to get it right.

By Caitlin Clark
Catt Sadler Bedroom Wallpaper

Accent walls first truly began trending in the early 2000s, but thanks to a few pops of color that popped a little too hard, some designers have shunned the concept or, to quote one of our own recent articles, deemed them “very much in the past.” But I stand with a large portion of the internet when I say that accent walls can still add valuable interest, but only when done well. To prove it, I’ve gathered a variety of bedroom accent wall ideas that avoid the trend’s cardinal sins:

  1. Using a bold color that’s not cohesive. Your chosen hue should complement its surroundings.
  2. Being the only focal point of a room. You want your accent wall to be a part of a room’s overall design, not its entire personality.
tropical bedroom accent wall
Image by Jenny Sathngam

20 Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas That Are Very Much In

The list of offensives may be short, but they’re big enough to distract from the pros of accent walls, which can be fantastic for faking space in small rooms or creating defined spaces in open-concept areas. Plus, an accent wall doesn’t have to include paint—in fact, the following suggestions rarely do.

Ahead, discover 20 bedroom accent wall ideas that incorporate texture, pattern, art, and more to add some well-loved depth to the most personal space in your home.

Mid-Century Modern Accent Wall

A bold color and thoughtful texture mix beautifully in this mid-century-inspired DIY project that doubles as a headboard.

A Literary Accent Wall

With some streamlined shelves and a solid collection, this project puts the display in book display.

Natural on Neutral Accent Wall

A neutral macrame work of art adds texture and dimension to white walls.

Image by Molly Culver, courtesy of Meredith Owen Interiors

The Subtle Accent Wall

It doesn’t have to be a color that draws the eye. 

Create a Canopy Bed Without the Canopy

Using two curtain rods, drape a fabric of your choosing to create a dreamy focal point.

An Easy DIY Bed Crown

For a kids’ bedroom or even a nursery, go full regency era with a cascading, eye-catching bed crown.

Chalkboard Accent Wall

Love, Simon is a fantastic movie full of warmth, acceptance, and a chalkboard wall I’ll never stop wishing I had in my childhood bedroom.

Note: For a sleek black look (and the exact paint used in Love, Simon), opt for Ben Chalkboard Paint from Benjamin Moore.

Image courtesy of Bungalowe

A Slant Accent Wall

Add architectural allure and warmth with this DIY wood slant wall.

An Accent Ceiling

Draw the eye upward with a ceiling color that complements your space, but makes its own statement.

Moody Green for the Ceiling

Not ready to give up your neutral walls but still want to incorporate the popular hue? A painted ceiling lets you have it all. For a smaller space, consider splurging on truly beautiful paint, like Farrow & Ball’s Bancha.

An Accent That Accentuates

Use a contrasting color to draw attention to an architectural element.

Check Mate

Take full advantage of the checkerboard revival with a more neutral take on the MacKenzie-Childs-esque pattern.

Image by Molly Culver, courtesy of Meredith Owen Interiors

The Floor Accent Wall

Your floors can be just as considered as your walls. And thanks to the fine folks at Room For Tuesday, you can even DIY your way to heating them up.

A Hand Painted Accent Wall

Grab a brush and bring your favorite wallpaper to life for a fraction of the cost.

A Foolproof Painted Accent Wall

If you can make a brushstroke (and have plenty of patience), you can make this playful wall mural.

The Peel and Stick Accent Wall

The most noncommittal of the noncommittal.

Image by Emily Kennedy, courtesy of StruckSured Interiors

Big Color Little Spaces

Add a geometric pop of color to tie a small space together.

Accent to Augment Your Furniture

This terracotta-painted arch adds a whole new dimension to a simple sideboard.

A Tiled Touch

Wooden slats are a go-to for adding depth, but eclectic tiles can be a perfect accent all their own— between rooms or along your bedroom wall.

A DIY Brick Accent Wall

While a renovation might reveal beautifully preserved brick walls, most are likely stuck with plain white walls. Fortunately, there are some incredible dupes that offer the same age-old appeal without the history.