One of the things I’m grateful for is the natural light that peeks into my living room each morning, speckling everything with a dreamy blanket of sunshine. I live in a 700 square foot bungalow (with another human and three dogs, I might add), with a yard, but there’s one issue; it’s a rental property, so I can’t create the outdoor garden of my dreams without asking for permission – or spending a lot of money just to leave it one day.

My solution is to create the ultimate indoor garden that I can carry along with me to the next place when I move. Scroll on for the most stunning indoor garden spaces I’ve got pinned to my inspiration board. I’ve got my smock and watering can ready; now it’s time for plants.

image via archdaily

photo via homelysmart

photo via wildernis amsterdam

photo via curbed

photo by hannah puechmarin for apartment therapy

photo via the planty dropper

photo via moon to moon

photo via friederikchen

photo via archdaily

photo via architectural digest

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