The #1 Affordable Home Décor Essential That’ll Transform Your Living Room

Plus 18 options to shop.

By Stacey Lindsay

It began as many successful interior design projects do: a source of light illuminates an empty space, filling the room with warm rays and inspiring the aesthetic. In this case, I’m referring to my new living room. There were so many elements from which to pull inspiration for its design, from the view of the Presidio to the freshly-painted white walls. But what offered me a starting point was one of my most beloved and best living room table lamps. As soon as I set down this small décor piece, the room lit up—literally and figuratively. 

That’s the thing about living room table lamps—or a lamp for any room: I tend to leave this piece of décor to the end. What else do I need? I’ll think to myself as I glance around a room. Oh, a lamp for here. I’m realizing now that letting lamps be afterthoughts is a serious design mistake. Lighting is key—critical, really—for setting the tone of a room. One of the simplest ways to manipulate the look and feel of a space is with a considered, beautiful lamp. 

In truth, lamps may be the underdog of décor. Here, I’ve rounded up 18 of the best living room table lamps on the market, from low to high price ranges, for inspiration. These work for any living room aesthetic, from neutral to bold. Because there’s always a reason to let there be plenty of light. 

Feature image by Kristen Kilpatrick.

Ann Edgerton home_best living room table lamps
Image by Molly Culver

Discover the Best Living Room Table Lamps Under $100


From the spring-like gray-green hue to the tiny lantern aesthetic, this room illuminator brings a natural touch to the living room.

IKEA ÅSKMULLER Table Lamp, $27.99

RUGS USA Glazed Ceramic Table Lamp

Streamlined. Simple. Understated. A perfect addition that complements (almost) any aesthetic. 

RUGS USA Glazed Ceramic Table Lamp, $54.90

Wooj The Wavy Lamp

Part light and part art piece, this wildly unique lamp is made from recycled corn. 

Wooj The Wavy Lamp, $80

Ceramic Table Lamp with Natural Shade Opalhouse™ x Jungalow™

Jungalow-founder Justina Blakeney always creates a gorgeous way to punch up a simple décor piece. Case in point: this classic lamp with a twist. 

Ceramic Table Lamp with Natural Shade Cream Opalhouse™ x Jungalow™, $80

ApothekeStudio Table Lamp

From the cord to the bulb and everything in between, this lamp lends a quirky, artsy, look-at-me vibe to a living room side table.

ApothekeStudio Table Lamp, $83

Bamboo Boho Table Lamp

A neutral lamp that makes a beachy statement. It’s a perfect complement to an earthy, bohemian living room. 

Bamboo Boho Table Lamp, $99

Tov Bree Table Lamp

This precious little mushroom lamp, which adds a perfect dose of levity, almost looks like it could talk.

Tov Bree Table Lamp, $99

Gatri Blimp Table Light

The compact size and design of this table lamp make it perfect for smaller living rooms with limited surface space. 

Gatri Blimp Table Light, $98

Urban Outfitters Ansel Table Lamp

A compact, artistic glass lamp that illuminates a corner or table. The definition of tiny but mighty.

Urban Outfitters Ansel Table Lamp, $99

Hay Portable Lamp

A multi-tasking, portable lantern that’s as chic and well-designed as it is convenient. 

Hay Portable Lamp, $99

Table Lamps $100 and Above

Burrow Knuckle Table Lamp

The striking matte black wood pedestal and dramatic bulb make an unlikely-but-inspired pairing for this dimmable lamp.

Burrow Knuckle Table Lamp, $165

Danielle Trofe Grow table Lamp

The coolest thing about this lamp? Its shade is made of mushroom mycelium and agricultural byproducts, making it totally sustainable and biodegradable.

Danielle Trofe Grow table Lamp, $135

CB2 Scrunch Table Lamp

What’s so unique about this lamp is that is falls under an aesthetic category entirely of its own—which makes it a quirky fit for any living room.

CB2 Scrunch Table Lamp, $169

Koepel Brass Table Lamp

There is something decidedly regal about the simple mix of glass and brass. Timeless and handsome.

Koepel Brass Table Lamp, $179

West Elm Ribbed Glass Table Lamp

When turned off, this mushroom-like glass light presents more like an art sculpture.

West Elm Ribbed Glass Table Lamp. $179

Ashley Home Store Kalalou Antique Brass Finish Table Lamp

With its delicate petal-like glass and softly curved base, this little lamp gives off garden vibes.

Ashley Home Store Kalalou Antique Brass Finish Table Lamp, $182

Little Hills Table Lamp

Place this table lamp in prominent view in the living room and you’ll be gifting yourself a conversation-starter for when guests come over.

Little Hills Table Lamp, $322