Break with Convention

By Cristina Cleveland

Gorgeous colorful kitchen design

Growing up all of my design inspiration came from just two or three sources – the glossy magazines that arrived in the mailbox each month. Today, we have new and diverse images available to us daily from so many sources it can be overwhelming, yet it is still so easy to fall into the same habits. Subway tiles? Check. Marble? Check. All-white everything? Check. So I am feeling inspired by this unconventional kitchen with its melon walls and turquoise cabinets, and a floral carpet that does not match but that’s ok. I probably won’t be installing a powder-coated mint faucet anytime soon, but there are still plenty of ways to incorporate the daring look at home. Keep reading for my picks to bring it home…



Gold pendant light – With more permanent fixtures like ceiling lighting it pays to choose a classic style like this pendant so that you can get adventurous in other areas.

Chair – I know midcentury modern chairs are de rigueur, but this Bloom Chair is so unique in its collage print.

White dinnerware – If you are going to pull off a bold color palette like this, it helps to bring in neutrals wherever possible. This dinnerware set may be white, but its imperfect lines are anything but basic.

Kitchen canisters – Don’t feel tied down by the hardware your kitchen came with. Mixed metals in the same finish (i.e. polished or brushed) and style can look great together, take this mixed metal set of kitchen canisters for example.

Wall rack with skilletfly swattergraterbottle opener and cutting boards – One of my favorite elements from this kitchen is the gold wall rack that spans the length of the kitchen. It’s an easy installation project and once up, you can customize and re-style what you hang on those hooks every week if you feel like it! (And I probably would).

Gem dinnerware – Bring this fun, geometric dinnerware out the next time you entertain and your food will go over a treat, no matter what you serve.

Table – I did my best to stay away from the common tulip table, but I didn’t manage to avoid my favorite marble finish in this post. That’s ok, stay true to what you love just remember to take a few risks too.

*Inspiration photographed by Wolfgang Stahr & designed by Gisbert Poppler.