Butcher’s Block Table

By Cristina Cleveland

gorgeous kitchen

You may have seen this kitchen and immediately started thinking of reasons you need a butcher’s block table. I know I did. For example, the wood is better for your knives as it won’t dull their edges. If you have a small kitchen, then the additional work space can be a welcome solution to limited counter tops. And while they may be an investment, a good butcher’s block can last a lifetime, and the wooden surface can be sanded and refinished from time to time. I know I’m eyeing this one with the leather knife holster! Have you ever owned a butcher block table? What did you love (or hate) about it?


Cook’s Books – Looking for a quick way to make a graphic impact on your kitchen? This set of cookbooks does the trick. The books themselves are a great read for cookbook lovers as well, and make a lovely gift.

Salt and pepper shakers – All of the appeal of a copper pipe DIY, without the work of actually DIY-ing.

Vintage clock – This vintage clock works, and is a much more fun alternative to the digital microwave clock.

Tray – If you like to keep your most-used cooking ingredients, such as olive oil or salt and pepper, within hand’s reach on the counter, keep them together on a small tray like this one.

Butcher block table – This is an investment piece to be sure, but as you can see from the inspiration image it can be the crown jewel of a kitchen. A butcher block is a great way to upgrade your kitchen without making more costly renovations.

Copper kettle – Copper, or “rose gold,” may be having a moment, but this kettle is a classic that will never go out of style.

Rug – I love that this rug comes in many sizes and prices. The smallest size is not only budget-friendly but would also be perfect at the kitchen sink.

Cutting boards – If you don’t have space for a butcher’s block table, then the next best way to bring the look home is a collection of wooden cutting boards.

*Photo from Domaine