I’m Addicted to This Netflix Series, The Prettiest Lip Balm, & More

By Camille Styles
chalait matcha tea

Hi guys! Today I’m super excited to kickoff a new series called I’m Addicted To. I’m always discovering cool tech gadgets, new favorite recipes, life-changing podcasts and books, and of course beauty products that quickly become essentials, and when I do… I want to share them with everyone I know (including you!) SO, today’s post is the first in a new column where I’ll be sharing all the stuff I’m loving each week. Here we go.

Today’s roundup includes the matcha that’s finally made me a matcha drinker, a Netflix show Adam and I are binge-watching, the lip balm I’ve been putting on 10x per day (yeah it’s a problem), and more. Keep scrolling for this week’s picks, and keep an eye on our Insta Stories today where I’ll be talking more about why I love these so much and showing ’em in action.


Annie Liebovitz Teaches Photography, from Masterclass

One of my (many many) goals for 2018 is to get better at photography. I feel like most of what I do creatively is for work, but photography is an area where I just want to improve upon my skills for fun and creative expression. My mom sent me a link to this 14-class series, and I signed up immediately! It’s really just a lot of listening to Annie talk about her process and her inspiration, along with minor “assignments,” so fairly low-commitment. But the insights she shares are fascinating and have already sparked tons of ideas for my photography and yes, for the blog too.

Chalait Ceremonial Everyday Matcha Tea

I’ve been wanting to get on the matcha train ever since all my health-minded friends started extolling its cancer-fighting abilities and even caffeine boost that doesn’t make you crash and burn. Only prob was that whenever I’d ordered a matcha latté at coffee shops, I hated the taste. Never one to shy away from a wellness trend, I did my research and ordered this “Everyday” matcha from Chalait that’s supposed to be good for newbies. (Of course I couldn’t resist getting this fancy little whisk that goes with it, too.) I’ve been whisking up almond milk matcha lattés for the girls at the office, and we all agree: it’s the perfect Dry January replacement for happy hour.

Black Mirror

Have y’all watched previous seasons of Black Mirror? If so, you may agree with me that some episodes are more compelling than others, and Season 4 is no exception. Adam and I have one episode left, and there have been several good ones and a couple of great ones, and what I love most about the show is that it always sparks discussion and makes me think. The basic premise is that each episode explores some element of futuristic technology where innovation and darkness collide. It’s just close enough to realty to feel super creepy.

The Tuscan Kale Salad from Cook Beautiful

I know, I know: another January, another kale salad. But this one is different, you guys: the tahini dressing makes it downright addictive, and I’ve been wanting to make it to accompany nearly every single meal. I love everything in this cookbook, but if you can only make one thing right now, make it this one.

Olio E Osso Lip Balm in No. 2 French Melon

I have my friend Brettne to thank for getting me completely hooked on this balm. It’s the perfect juicy shade of coral, and works equally well as a dewy cheek stain as it does a moisturizing lip balm. I have a feeling I’m going to need to order in bulk.

What are y’all obsessing over this week? I’d love to hear in the comments!