How To Decorate For The Life You Want

By Camille Styles
Clean, White Kitchen // Decorating Tips For the Life You Want

Hi lovelies — hope you’re having a great Tuesday! I am so excited about a new book that’s being released today, written by my friend Anne Sage. The perfectly named Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want invites readers into the most covetable dwellings designed around the dreams of their occupants, from the sunny, open-air kitchen of a holistic nutritionist to the eclectic living room of a world traveler ready to put down roots. In honor of the launch, she’s stopped by the blog today to share her top 3 ways that we can all decorate for the life we really want. Take it away, Anne, and hop on over to order the book today!

* Photography by Emily Johnston

Nourish with harmony. 

Make mealtime improvisation a snap with a setup that keeps tools and ingredients well-organized—and that takes the pain out of cleanup. Even renters can mount storage racks and hooks inside cupboard doors, or swap an average faucet for an industrial-powered one. Once you’ve honed the functional aspects of your kitchen, turn it into a place of retreat as well as one of activity!

Carve out a corner with seating, atmospheric lighting, and access to cookbooks and notepads for meal planning.

Create with coherence. 

To maximize your workspace, identify the steps in your creative process and devote an area of your room to each one. If square footage is limited, consider designating a different storage tote to each phase of the activity and keeping only one out at a time. Then add your decor touches.

Tactile surfaces anchor the senses more fully in the present and enhance creative flow—so make texture a major focus for enhanced productivity!

Entertain with abundance. 

Set a welcoming tone as soon as your guests step through the front door. If your home lacks a formal entryway, carve one out with a console table decorated with personal touches, or a bar cart stocked with cocktail supplies.

And don’t let a small space stop you from hosting altogether! Just make the stand-up hors d’oeuvres party your go-to. Guests won’t miss a dining table as long as you provide plenty of snacks, sips, and spirited conversation!

For lots more design inspiration, be sure to scoop up your copy of Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want today! Thanks Anne, and big congrats on the launch!