DIY Citrus Wreath

By Suruchi Avasthi

Making a DIY Citrus Wreath is Easier than you Think!

There’s always a steady stream of books arriving at the office for review, and I’m definitely not complaining. Occasionally, one really stands out from the rest, like Ariella Chezar’s new book The Flower Workshop that arrived on our doorstep a couple weeks ago. We asked Ariella to stop by with the details on what turned out to be our favorite project in the book: this DIY Citrus Wreath. “I love creating citrus wreaths and garlands, and began doing so as decorative accents for weddings years ago” Ariella told us, “Perhaps because I’m a native of the Northeast, citrus has always felt somewhat exotic.”

DIY Your Own Citrus Wreath

Even though the final product looks like a creation straight out of a professional flower shop, Arielle told us that the projects in the book are meant for anyone. “The book was inspired by my popular three day flower arranging workshops and my love of teaching. In writing the book I hoped to provide flower lovers, both experienced and less so with the basics of putting together lush, beautiful arrangements.” Read on for the full step-by-step to create your own citrus wreath at home.

DIY Citrus Wreath The Flower Workshop

The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar
photography by erin kunkel