Do You Personalize Your Office?

By Cristina Cleveland
jcrew office

jenna lyons's office

We spend so much time making sure our homes look just right, but often neglect the space where we spend the majority of our waking hours: the workplace. Of course the type of work that you do will determine what’s appropriate for your office — after all, we can’t all have a wall-sized moodboard à la J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons (above.) “If you’re unsure, then take a look at the most powerful woman in your company and take your cues from her workspace,” says Dr. Lois Frankel, author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. You may not have a say over your office furniture (if I did, this red desk would be a shoe in) but there are plenty of other ways to make sure your workspace is dynamic and inspiring. Don’t clutter your desktop with objets d’art that will gather dust, just make sure that the pieces you do use daily are as stylish as they are functional. Keep reading for my picks, and let us know in the comments: do you personalize your office, or is your workspace strictly business?

Printstagram calendar – It’s appropriate to keep one or two personal photographs on your desk, but how to choose? You can condense 365 of your favorite Instagram snaps into this desk calendar, and it’s a sweet reminder of all the amazing memories you made last year. It’s just a shame I discovered this perfect gift idea after Christmas.

Watermelon desk – Office furniture can be a drag, but Jenna Lyons has the right idea with this bright, red desk. If you don’t have the space or the budget for this beauty from bludot, this desk from Crate and Barrel will give you the same pop for less than $200.

Ear drawer pull – Perhaps you don’t get to choose your desk? You can add your own cheeky touch by switching out the drawer pulls instead. These are just small enough that they’ll put a smile on your face every time you use them, but won’t draw the attention of your coworkers.

2015 planner – With so many gorgeous paper goods out there it is near impossible to settle on just one daily planner, but this typographical print is perfectly professional and too good to pass up.

Coasters – If you drink tea, coffee, or are working on drinking more water this year, then a coaster is an ideal way to bring your design aesthetic from home into the office. And since you only need one or two, you can spend a little more on each than if you were buying a full set.

Blanket – Whether it’s winter or the height of summer, offices tend to be on the arctic side, so always keep a wrap or a warm throw on hand just in case.

Pineapple & avocado vases – If your bookshelves are overflowing with employee handbooks and stacks of white papers, take a few minutes this week to organize and edit your shelves, adding a vase or bookends for interest the way you would at home. Whether you believe in feng shui or not, you will immediately feel the impact.

Book tower – Remember your office space should mirror the work that you do. If you want to show clients that your ideas are innovative and unique, then a striking piece like this book tower can help you make that statement.

Headphones – If you work in an open plan office space then a chic pair of over-ear headphones can keep you focused while warding off chatty coworkers and distracting conversations.

Table lamp – Fluorescent overhead lighting and computer screens are a recipe for eye strain and fatigue, so not only will a table lamp look better, you’ll feel better too.

*inspiration photo via Fast Company