Do You Want Your Home to Feel Like a Hotel?

By Cristina Cleveland

green sectional | wood paneling | Ace Hotel Portland

A common phrase I hear when people talk about decorating their homes is “I want it to look like a hotel.” I can relate, I’ve spent years making my bed as big, white and fluffy as I can; one that I can collapse into at the end of a long day. Hotels can feel so luxurious with their neat stacks of towels and tightly tucked sheets, and let’s not forget the robes. Many hotels even sell everything from their bedlinens, robes, and shampoos, to their mattresses so you can take your experience home with you. But hotels are also impersonal by nature, they’re missing all of the elements that “make a house a home.” Perhaps it’s the absence of clutter (and the daily cleaning service) that make them so appealing. What do you think, have you ever tried to make your home feel more like a hotel? I for one wouldn’t mind if mine looked a little more like this lobby at the Ace Hotel in Portland, keep reading to see how to bring it home…

Chesterfield Sofa | Chandelier | Vintage accesorries

Chandelier – The modern, three-tiered chandelier in the Ace Hotel contrasts well against the classic crown molding and wood paneling. If you’re stumped on choosing lighting for your space this is a great opportunity to mix periods, especially if you have a tendency to stick to just one period or style.

Chesterfield sofa – Nothing adds gravitas to a room like a worn in Chesterfield. It has the same classic yet edgy effect that a well broken-in leather jacket can have on an outfit.

Neon hotel sign – I’m generally wary of decorating with letters and signs (it’s like a tattoo, will this word still represent me in a year or two?) but there’s no denying the impact they have in the inspiration photo. I recommend sticking to antique signage as it feels much more authentic than newly distressed alternatives.

“Hommes” photograph – Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or having a low key night with Netflix, these tuxedo’d gentlemen will always give your room a sense of occasion.

Speakers – This walnut speaker pulls in the wood element of the paneling in the hotel lobby. If your home or apartment didn’t come with original wooden accents, incorporate similar woods into your furniture and accessories instead.

Swim Club keychain – Of all the items available in the Ace Hotel shop, this small leather token may be the most valuable. With it, you get an annual membership to the Ace pool and free entry to all of its live music events, DJ sets, dance parties and even yoga.

Vintage suitcase – My best friend has a vintage suitcase and, get this, she actually uses it. It forces her to pack light when she travels, and when she’s at home it sits at the foot of her full length mirror serving as a low, flat table where she sits to put makeup on (can you tell how jealous I am?).

Wooden planter – Indoor plants don’t always have to involve pots, vases or soil. A leaf in a bowl or branches in a pitcher are quick fixes the next time you have guests or just want to add some life to your space.

Do Not Disturb doorknobs – Anthropologie always has the best wall hooks and door knobs! These Do Not Disturb knobs would be a perfect addition to closet doors.

Inspiration photograph of the Ace Hotel Portland by Nicole Franzen