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Dog-Friendly Decor That Won’t Cramp Your Style

Furry, yet chic.

By Cristina Cleveland

Your home is all grown up, and your dog is ridiculously good looking (obviously), so why is it so hard to find dog-friendly decor that won’t cramp your style? I’ve had my dog Katsu for over three years now, and throughout that time I’ve been searching for dog bowls, beds, and leashes that suit his unique wants and needs – and mine. I never want to sacrifice form for function, but I have found a few pieces that manage to nail both. Keep reading for dog parent must-haves that are as stylish as they are useful.

Dog bed

This is one of the largest accessories your dog will need, so you don’t want it to be an eyesore. Once you learn how your dog likes to sleep – covered, elevated, bolstered –  you can start the search for a bed that also suits your design sensibility. I find Etsy to be the best place to find dog beds that have been upholstered or built to fit into a home. The midcentury-inspired bed below comes in your choice of wood and is handmade from non-toxic materials that are safe for your dog. Plus you can easily replace or wash the pillow.

Dog beds we love:


Unfortunately our rugs take a beating when there’s a dog in the house, but there are things you can avoid to make your life a little easier, like tassels, light colors and high pile. Materials like jute or outdoor rugs are much easier to clean and are built to withstand more traffic, and wool is a super durable fabric that’s naturally resistant to stains and is easy to vacuum and clean.

Rugs we love:


This rope leash by Found My Animal is cute, but more importantly it’s adjustable! I find that the hooks are extremely useful for attaching to restaurant tables or slipping around your waist when you need to be hands-free. The marine-grade rope is another durable material that’s even machine washable.

Leashes we love:

Dog bowls

This may be the find I’m most excited about. The design of these ceramic dishes tug at my pottery-loving heartstrings, but the ridges also serve to prevent your dog from wolfing down its meals.  These bowls having a heavy weighted bottom so that it won’t move around, and if your dog is an aggressively enthusiastic eater, you can even fit little rubber feet to it. This is another Etsy item that’s customizable, so you can pick your color and finish!

Bowls we love:


Leather basket

It’s unlikely that all of your dog’s various toys and accessories will match your home, but you can store everything in a basket that does. Then all that’s left to do is train the dogs to put their own toys in the basket!

Baskets we love:


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