For those of you who have recently started following along, we’ve been working out of our newly renovated bungalow for about a year now, and it couldn’t be more of a dream! The studio fuels an unlimited supply of creative inspo for our team—the blank canvas all white walls, prop pantry filled to the brim, perfectly organized craft room, and loads of natural light make this place our daily heaven. Personally, I love a little color here and there (and tile-work is my jam), which is why I love the bathroom. so. much. The floor is pretty and pink with a lovely sink, mirror, and sconces to match, but, for the longest time, something seemed a little off. The hand towel pinned to the wall with a flimsy thumbtack wasn’t doing it justice. So, I adapted this tutorial from Martha Stewart, and made the most simple and beautiful towel ring to make the room feel complete. Scroll for step-by-step instructions on how to make this rustic home decor beauty in just a few minutes.

photography by hannah haston

DIY Towel Ring


  • 1 wooden ring (you can pick up a whole package of them at Hobby Lobby!)
  • 1 spool of leather or suede
  • 1 leather hole punch
  • Hammer and a large nail
  • Scissors

Gather your materials and cut a strip of leather to your desired length. You'll be looping it through the ring, so keep that in mind as you measure!

  1. Measure the width of your leather strip to the inside of the ring. Cut to make the strap fit through the ring easily.
  2. Feed the strap through the ring and hold the ends together.
  3. Hole punch through the ends of the leather (this is where you'll have your nail).
  4. Hammer into the wall and enjoy your new touch of rustic decor!

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