5 Essentials for Your Dreamiest Bedroom

By Cristina Cleveland
Bold modern decor and home accessories for a one bedroom using primary colors

Bold modern decor and home accessories for a one bedroom using primary colors

I live in a studio so I pretty much have to make sure my bedroom’s presentable when I have guests over, but back when I had an actual bedroom I have to admit, it didn’t get my full design attention. Our untidy habits get the best of us in the areas we know no one will see, like that one junk closet or a spare room or, for some of us, the bedroom. But I would argue the bedroom should be your dreamiest room of all! Whether you live alone or with a significant other, it’s important that this space is one that recharges you and clears your mind. Keep reading for 5 things every bedroom needs.

Bold modern decor and home accessories for a one bedroom using primary colors


Art that sets the tone – Do you want to wake up feeling energized in the morning? Or do you need a calming space that helps you unwind from a stressful day? Whatever you need from your bedroom, use art to set the tone and the color palette for the space. This bright abstract painting and quirky photograph are light-hearted and fun, but if you prefer to feel serene then you could opt for a landscape photo or a muted oil painting. Once you’ve settled on the art, hang a picture light above it to make it a focal point.

A throw pillow (or two) – Throw pillows can be controversial, and I’m not saying you need 8 of them, but at least one or two can help your bed feel made. You may spend a third of your life in bed, but the rest of the time it’s a very large piece of furniture and a statement-making throw pillow helps dress it up. I like mixing and matching a couple in the same palette like these kiss and colorblock pillows, but to minimize your time spent making the bed you can go with one long lumbar pillow instead.

An interesting piece of furniture – Beds and headboards can be expensive to buy (and replace), so I tend to prefer them as simple as it gets. But having at least one interesting piece of furniture will make the room feel like a well-considered part of the house, and not an afterthought. It could be unusual side tables or an eye catching vanity like this round mirror and velvet stool, or even a great reading chair if you have the space.

Comfortable sheets – Whether you prefer your sheets crisp like a hotel or soft like your favorite flannel, finding the perfect pair of bedsheets is crucial to a dreamy bedroom. It may take trial and error, especially since it’s near impossible to tell if you’re going to like sleeping in a pair of sheets just from feeling them in the store, but start paying attention to your preferences every time you spend the night in a hotel or with friends or family. I discovered my dream sheets when staying at a friend’s; when I asked where she got them the next morning I was shocked to learn they were from Target.

A beautiful duvet – Visually, your comforter probably takes up the most space in the whole room. I’ve been through my fair share of cringe-worthy printed comforters in high school and college, but over the years I’ve learned to stick to neutral colors. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, like this black and white marbled duvet.

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