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These Are the Top Kitchen Decor Trends Designers Say Will Be Huge in 2024

The verdict on all-white kitchens is in.

By Caitlin Clark

Any real estate agent will tell you it’s worth investing in your kitchen, but beyond modern appliances and luxe touches (forever dreaming of a warming drawer) creating a beautiful space to serve as the heart of your home will reap intangible rewards. Thankfully, 2024 kitchen decor trends are skewing much warmer and cozier than the bright, white kitchens that have dominated for years. The heart of the home should be a reflection of you.

If you’re planning on making any culinary-adjacent updates (big or small) in the coming year, we’ve tapped a stable of talented designers to discuss the 2024 kitchen decor trends worth investing in.

Featured image from our interview with Kate Arends by Suruchi Avasthi.

Renovations are stressful. We asked the experts so you can remodel with confidence. The following trends—from moody marble to “kitschens”—are well worth the investment.

Image by Suruchi Avasthi

Statement-Making Marble

“We predict Viola marble will become a popular choice for countertops and backsplashes. The all-white kitchen trend is waning, and we’re seeing an increase in the use of white oak and walnut, cut in a less grainy style.” — Amy Mobley of City Hill Design       

Courtesy of Lisa Furay Interiors

Soft Checkered Patterns

“While checkerboard in contrasting color schemes and inverse color palettes were on the rise recently, we’re seeing a more scaled-down version of the traditional marbled checkerboard floor through incorporating a softer color palette in the same tone family that go beyond the traditional black and white.” — Munir Turunc, president of Country Floors

Individualistic Kitchens

“2024 will spell the end of the ‘all white everything, all the time’ trend in kitchens. ‘All white and bright’ has a time and a place, but moving into the New Year we’re going to see a more individualistic take on the kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t always thought to be the place where people considered choice in material or texture or even giving it personality. I guarantee if you walked into 10 different kitchens right now, nine out of 10 would be pretty similar. But, I’m here to tell you—you don’t have to have the same kitchen as your neighbor! Whether boldly stepping out of their comfort zone with a stand-out marble or opting to go moody with dark blue, and grey cabinets—homeowners are wanting to show their true colors through their kitchens, quite literally!” – Lauren Meichtry of Elsie Home

Unique Hardware

“While I will always love black and gold hardware options, the upcoming trend is all about the shift toward more unique hardware options. Personally, I’m drawn to eye-catching textures, such as knurled, reeded, or wooden finishes.” — Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin 

Image of Claire Zinnecker’s kitchen

Organic Kitchens

“Warm wood tones, especially in contemporary or Scandinavian-inspired designs, will be warmly welcomed into kitchens. One of my favorites is using oak wood, as it brings an organic air to the kitchen.” — Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin 

Kitchen Metalwork

“In 2024, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of metalwork in kitchens. Designers have been loving custom cabinetry and range hoods over the last few years, but I still think we’re still in the early days of this trend. There are so many ways to incorporate metal into a kitchen while still creating a warm and refined space. I can’t wait to watch this design develop!” — Tess Twiehaus of Tess Interiors

Tile X Design, photographed by Alyssa Lee

Y2K Kitchens

“In 2024, we’ll continue to look to the past for future design inspiration, and the Y2k period is no exception. Integrating elements such as metallic finishes (whether through fixtures and accents) or high-gloss ones including reflective tiles and shiny surfaces are also a more modern way of integrating the design elements commonly found in the Y2K period.” — Munir Turunc, president of Country Floors

Bright pink kitchen.
Image of Alex McCabe’s kitchen

Kitchens With Personality

“When it comes to design, personality is key! That’s why I absolutely adore incorporating pops of color through wallpaper, backsplashes, and playful floor patterns with colorful ranges. This addition is the perfect way to infuse a fun and vibrant touch into any kitchen, making it truly unique and reflective of your individual style.” — Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin 

Image by Danae Horst


And finally, the good folks at Pinterest have released their 2024 “Pinterest Predicts” home trends, with eclectic kitchens (AKA “Kitschens”) front and center.

“Gen X and Boomers will quirk up their cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances and eye-jarring pops of paint. No minimalist aesthetic is safe.”