Add Instant Value to Your Home With One of These 11 Front Door Paint Colors

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

By Lourdes Avila Uribe
Best Front Door Color

If you want instant curb appeal, nothing makes heads turn quite like the front door. With a lick of fresh paint, you can instantly transform your home from “meh” to “woah.” Why? Front door paint colors make a statement about your style, can your home appear more inviting, and even add significant value to your home—like $6000 more! Even the most avowed neutral-palette lovers are likely to add a pop of color to the front door—it’s just so cheery and inviting!

Getting creative with front door colors is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. There’s no end to the various color combinations, paint finishes, and unexpected shades that make a huge difference to the overall feel of the home’s exteriors. We tapped a few of our favorite interior designers to get the scoop on what they think are the best front door paint colors, and they did not disappoint.

If you’re considering painting your front door anytime soon, you’ll want to take into account the various kinds of paints that can stand up to weather and frequent contact. Unfortunately, if your favorite shade isn’t available as exterior paint, you’ll have to find another option. It isn’t worth the hassle of having to repaint your door every couple of weeks or possibly damaging the wood.

In fact, using exterior paint is non-negotiable. The most common kinds of exterior paint for front doors are acrylic resin or latex-based paint with a semi-gloss finish. Latex-based paint is the most flexible type and super popular since it can fill in imperfections on the surface of the door and resists cracking and chipping.

Read on for the 11 best front door colors, according to our experts:

Farrow & Ball Mahogany

Farrow & Ball Mahogany #36

I love pairing this deep brown with beautiful neutrals, brick, or stone. Playing with gloss vs. matte is a nice way for the color to tie into various design aesthetics as well. — Colin King, Interior Designer and Stylist

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Backdrop Negroni

Backdrop Negroni

This burnt orange-red is giving me serious country home vibes, in the very best way. It’s a bold pop of color that is muted enough to look sophisticated and elegant.

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plain english design mash

Plain English Design Mash

Whether a home’s facade is modern or traditional, I love pairing this thick cream with other neutrals. It works as a nuanced contrast without feeling loud or distracting. — Colin King, Interior Designer and Stylist

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Benjamin Moore Agean Teal

Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

Bring a slice of the Mediterranean to your front door with this dusty blue-green shade from Benjamin Moore. Lights and shadows will bounce off this lovely hue for a romantic, transportive look.

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farrow and ball lulworth blue

Farrow and Ball Lulworth Blue

At the moment, I’m loving a powder blue front door. It works wonderfully with almost any exterior hue and essentially acts as a neutral in nature because it echoes the color of the sky. Farrow & Ball does gorgeously nuanced color better than anyone, so my go-to is their Lulworth Blue. It’s sophisticated and whimsical all in one. — Caitlin Murray, Founder and Creative Director, Black Lacquer Design

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backdrop school blazer blue

Backdrop School Blazer Blue

There’s something timeless and a little romantic about a navy blue door, don’t you think? It’s a classic front door paint color that never goes out of style, looks great with all design aesthetics, and stands the test of time.

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benjamin moore black ink

Benjamin Moore Black Ink

If you’re going to make a statement with the exterior of your house and the rest of the house is in a more neutral vibe, a deep black door is arresting, chic, and timeless looking and oozes confidence. LOVING a shiny door these days! — Erin Swift, Creative Director, Prop Stylist, and Set Director

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farrow and ball duck green

Farrow & Ball Duck Green

Duck Green by Farrow & Ball is my favorite front door paint color. It’s a deep, English green and looks smart and sophisticated on a front door! — Ariel Okin, Founder, Ariel Okin

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benjamin moore vermillion

Benjamin Moore Vermillion 

Is there anything more cheerful than a cherry red front door? It brightens up the entire home, sets a happy tone, and looks fresh year-round.

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farrow and ball stiffkey blue

Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

This inky blue feels old school with a modern edge. — Kristen Nix, Principal and Designer, Kristen Nix Interiors

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farrow and ball blooth pink

Farrow & Ball Blooth Pink

If you’ve been toying with the idea of a pink front door, dip your toes into the water with this sweet pink shade from Farrow & Ball. It’s a modern, grown-up pink.

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