These are the Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow On Instagram

These are the Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow On Instagram

ed. note: this post was originally published in April 2019, but with the #stayhome quarantine still in effect, we are doing all we can to stay inspired and positive during these uncertain, trying times. We wanted to bring this post out of the archives in hopes that these accounts will inspire you as you're scrolling through your feed, dreaming of your first spring dinner party surrounded by friends. Meanwhile, we will be daydreaming about these interior design accounts, and rearranging all our furniture (for the fourth time...) 

While I’m trying to decrease the amount of time I spend mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, perusing interior design accounts is one of my favorite ways to decompress in a way that leaves me feeling inspired and refreshed. Whether you’re all about the ultra-clean lines or love rich decor, there are endless accounts on Instagram waiting to give you all the inspo you need for a total home refresh, a little update on a nook in your home or even just for daydreaming about your future dream home. Take a peek at the 8 interior design accounts we can’t get enough of - and why we love them.

image by architectural digest

minimal neutral interior bathtub

Joyce Downing Pickens | @jdpinteriors

Queen of dynamic neutral palettes, Joyce Downing Pickens seamlessly mixes modern and traditional for interiors that feel fresh, yet timeless. While you won’t find a lot of bright colors here, you’ll find an abundance of ways to make earthy neutrals shine brightly with thoughtful styling and lots of layers.

colorful interior design

Arent & Pyke | @arentpyke_inout

This Sydney-based design studio is incredibly dynamic. Find simple scandinavian design, minimalistic modern vibes and museum-like old world charm all on one feed.

living room neutral design

Athena Calderone | @eyeswoon

I drool over literally everything Athena Calderone posts. Her home nails proportion, scale and texture like none other! She perfectly hits the eclectic and polished vibes I’m drawn to, all while effortlessly incorporating vintage and antique pieces that read totally refined. One quick scroll proves that neutral on neutral can still be rich and layered.

dream library, interior design, neutral

Joanna Lavén | @joannalaven

Head over to Joanna Lavén’s feed a mix of curated inspiration images + her own swoon-worthy work. Think modernist posh interior-scapes, rich textures and clean airy palettes.

interior design dining room

Sarah Sherman Samuel | @sarahshermansamuel

Los Angeles–based designer Sarah Sherman Samuel nails playful, yet feminine, with a touch of polish. Her style is totally relevant without being too trendy, and incorporates the perfect touch of patterns, colors and geometric shapes to create spaces that are fun and fresh (you have to check out her renovation of Mandy Moore’s house, pictured above!).

minimal neutral interior design

Alyssa Kapito | @alyssakapitointeriors

Earthy tones abound in soft linens and wood with a hint of onyx, Alyssa Kaptio hones in on clean lines, milky palettes and rich textures.

minimal kitchen marble

Natalie Myers | @nataliemyers

Fresh and clean with a laid-back vibe, Natalie Myers delivers inspo that feels totally achievable. Her hashtag #scandifornianstyle says it all.

modern interior design

Marlene Zeiner Borthen | @mdezeiner

With an instagram feed that mixes real life work with inspo, Marlene Zeiner Borthen
curates spaces that feel artful, yet livable. Her feed shows quirky shapes intertwined with a restrained, yet impactful, use of color.