Heathers Group Costume

By Carmen Collins
Awesome group costume idea: HEATHERS!

We needed some pro help when it came to creating this very specific look, so we called up our friend and stylist Dagny Piasecki of SHDW Studios to help us dress like real “mean girls” from the 80’s. Dagny has an amazing personal collection of vintage, which she graciously loaned to us for the shoot.

Footnote: If you haven’t already seen this 80’s cult classic, add it to your Netflix queue STAT. When new student Veronica gains entry into the most elite group of girls at a preppy high school, no one expects her to make such killer connections with her new friends…

photographed by kate lesueur at shdw studios


We took some notes on the Heathers’ preppy 1980s style by sporting plaid skirts from American Apparel and oversized blazers for vintage shops around town. Stark blouses and ruffled collars peeked out from the jackets, while brooches and ties added an extra detail. And of course, the look wasn’t complete without color-coordinated stockings.


Dagny wore the infamous red scrunchie on her wrist to mark herself as queen bee. (Finally our scrunchies are put to good use again!) A croquet set from Crate & Barrel ensured that our costumes would be instantly recognizable as the Heathers. Lastly, we embraced naturally curly hair and loose waves to match our 1980s beauty inspiration.

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