If you’re in the camp that believes the state of your desk is a direct reflection of your work mindset, office organization is probably a high priority at the start of a New Year. As a reformed chaotic desk dweller, I can attest: an organized workspace makes it much easier to slip into get-it-done mode whether you’re in-office or clocking in from home. For ideas on how to clear the clutter thoughtfully along with home office design tips to keep spirits lifted, we turned to designer Cailey Damron.

The owner of the serene space above (scroll down to shop the room!), Damron doles out her best advice on organizing a workspace—even one with limited square footage—that fuels productivity and helps keep you centered. And, given the evolving nature of office culture since 2020, the designer shares her thoughts on the top home office trends.

Cailey Damron
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Cailey Damron grew up in the design industry as the daughter of high-end custom furniture manufacturers. Her unique upbringing coupled with her experience in fashion styling has allowed her to refine her eye for design and cultivate meticulous attention to detail. Cailey’s vision is to curate spaces that allow clients to experience intentionality.

Read on for Home Office Trends, Tips, and Organizational Insights from Cailey Damron.

How Home Offices Are Shaping Design Trends

The pandemic completely changed how families live and work. For example, parents working from home now need designated spaces where they can take work calls without being disturbed. Many families have converted bedrooms, garages, and more into their home offices to meet this need. With that being said, I’d say a trend that’s been evolving is the shift away from completely open living spaces—closing off some rooms allows for privacy when needed. 

Aerin Hampton Chandelier at Visual Comfort

Aerin Hampton Chandelier at Visual Comfort, $1,199

CB2 Rue Cambon Office Chair

CB2 Rue Cambon Office Chair, $442

Designing for Productivity

I always recommend having natural light in a home office to help you stay alert and boost your mood throughout the day. Another productivity hack (one that I’m guilty of not always sticking to) is keeping an uncluttered desk.

The Best Way to Start Cutting Clutter

Start with closed cabinetry all the way! Whether it’s floor-to-ceiling built-ins or IKEA storage drawers, be sure to factor in more storage than you anticipate since you’ll likely accumulate more stuff over the years.

IKEA Alex Drawer Unit on Casters

IKEA Alex Drawer Unit on Casters, $139

*Shop Damron’s IKEA cabinets here.

The One Object Every Home Office Needs

Some of my favorite office objects are the ones that inspire me to continue creating. That might be a meaningful note from my husband, a crystal from a previous boss, or something sourced from nature. I’d encourage those designing their own home office to incorporate a few personal items that will help you feel supported and centered through long workdays.

How to Design an Office for Small Spaces

People got so creative during this pandemic with their home offices. Some of my favorite small space offices I’ve seen include closet conversions and sofa back consoles converted into desks. Where there’s a will and a touch of creativity, there’s a way to make a small space work for a home office.

The Perfect Home Office, Layered

When it comes to materials for clients’ home offices, I always like to incorporate natural materials such as a marble or wood tabletop, a natural wool rug under their desk, or a cozy leather desk chair.

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