The Home Trends to Watch in 2018

By Cristina Cleveland

Now that you’ve survived that juice cleanse and started doing yoga again, your body and mind are feeling refreshed for 2018. But what have you done for your home this year? I asked home styling and staging expert Sarah Brady of The Platform Experiment what changes she makes to start the year, and she said “without fail, we purge and simplify. Having a clean dining table with minimal styling always makes a space feel light and fresh.” After our interview I immediately cleared off my dining table – and Sarah was right! Before opening The Platform Experiment, she worked in trend forecasting for over 10 years, so I had to ask which trends she’s most excited for in 2018 – and what she’s ready to say goodbye to.

What home trends are you excited to see in 2018? 

We’re loving all the curved sofas and chairs we’re seeing out these days. They bring a sense of soft elegance and grace to any space.

What colors are you loving right now?

Aged antiqued green is driving us mad in all the right ways! Feeling very drawn to this color and it keeps popping up in unusual places.

How do you like to use color in a home, and how do you go about choosing colors that will stand the test of time? 

We find that pops of color in textiles, accessories and art really stand out against a neutral palette. Every individual connects with color in a different way. I think staying true to the colors that you know you love and make you feel good are the ones that stand the test of time.

Are there any trends you’re so over?

We feel pretty over the African Mudcloth Pillow trend. Not to say we don’t still use them when the space calls for them but, we’re not hoarding them like we used to anymore.

What advice do you have for readers who want to give their space a refresh, but want to be sure they’ll love their decor in the long term?

We always advise people to really pay attention to what you love in a space and start from there. Ignore the trends and over-filtered Instagram photos and figure out what really draws you to that particular piece or space. When you buy pieces that bring you happiness then you know it’s a good purchase and you can work them into your personal puzzle of living.

Do you have any styling changes you like to make to create a clean slate in the new year? 

Without fail, at the beginning of every year we purge and simplify. Having a clean dining table with minimal styling always makes a space feel light and fresh.
And fresh flowers always!

What are your favorite storage solutions for those of us hoping to get more organized this year?

I think walls and vertical space is very much underutilized most of the time. I love mixing different types of shelving and hooks to add more storage. If you find you have purses and sweaters thrown on your bed, sofa and floor, finding a space for hooks and shelves is a must! It also invites fun styling moments in these areas which is always a fun opportunity. Everything must have a place, that is the key to organizing.


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