How Do You Hygge?

By Cristina Cleveland

relaxing morning in bed

Do you find pleasure in the art of creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home? Do you feel content sharing a simple meal with your family or friends? Do you live for the moment when you get home and put on a pair of really comfy pants that you would never wear in public? There’s a Danish word that encompasses all of those things (and so much more): hygge. Incidentally, there’s a word for those pants too, it’s hyggebukser. Perhaps you’re already well aware of the trend that originated in Scandinavia and is sweeping across the globe like a warm, woolen blanket. It was short-listed for Oxford dictionary’s Word of the Year, and yet every expert on the topic seems to have a different, very specific scenario that defines what it actually means. From what I can tell, it’s up to you to define what it means to you. So I’d love to know, how do you hygge? Share your most hyggelig habits in the comments below!

How Do You Hygge???

It’s up for debate whether you can hygge by yourself, but I find that my most hyggelig habits are the ones I practice by myself, when I consciously make the decision to unplug and start winding down for the night. Here are a few ways I hygge.

Create a beautiful atmosphere at home – For me, this means hanging art and photography that inspires me and stimulates creative thoughts. Lately, this has also taken a new form in a new penchant for ceramics like a handmade mug and saucer (the saucer makes it feel extra special) to drink my nighttime tea and investing in nicer plates to eat my meals off of.

Dress up to dress down – I used to wear my most worn out clothes to sleep and relax in, but ever since I bought a matching pajama set I’ve been able to Marie Kondo all of the old, worn out t-shirts and sweatpants out of my life. Now it feels like a treat when I get into my house clothes. The silk pajama set by Equipment and cashmere house socks above are on the pricy side, but these really don’t have to be expensive! My favorite loungewear is these super soft pajama sets from Target.

Soothe your senses – I will admit I have a habit of going into an Instagram rabbit hole at night and coming out at midnight in a daze – where did the time go? So lately I’ve been trying to put my phone away, light a candle or some incense, do a little bit of restorative candles, and then drink some warm tea. It doesn’t happen every night, but when it does I don’t think there’s anything more hyggelig.

*Photo by Sarah Elliott for eyeswoon, ocean print StoryPrintsCo, rope wall hanging Cindy Zell, cashmere bed socks The White Company, lamp Schoolhouse Electric, pajamas Equipment, Boy Smells candle Urban Outfitters, chunky knit blanket Ohhio, marble mug Terrain