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How Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest Decks Out Her Barn for the Holidays

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in the Rocky Mountains.

By Chanel Dror
tieghan gerard's christmas tree in her studio

If you caught this story featuring the holiday entertaining style of food blogger and New York Times best-selling author, Tieghan Gerard, then you know: when it comes to Christmas, this girl isn’t messing around. All those mouthwatering dishes and recipe videos that Tieghan cooks up on Half Baked HarvestThis barn-turned-studio is where that magic happens. And while the workspace is beautifully decorated and welcoming all year round, it’s between Thanksgiving and Christmas that the studio really glows. From the snowy Colorado landscape outside to the freshly baked cinnamon rolls within, this time of year, there’s no place we’d rather be than Tieghan’s barn. Let’s take a peek inside—be prepared for some major holiday decorating inspo!

(images courtesy of Anthropologie)

beautiful entryway decorated for holidays

How do you approach holiday decorating?

When it comes to holiday decorating I’m all about a simple, cozy, and classic look that feels rustic. I like wintery vibes with reds, greens, a little gold, and maybe even a pop of a dainty pink.

Your entryway is radiating “holiday.” We love the classic vintage feel of it.

I really wanted the entryway to feel cozy and inviting. I added a couple of mini Christmas trees and put out a bowl filled with my favorite ornaments for a pop of festive color. Candles, I always have festive smelling candles. There’s nothing more inviting, or cozy, than a good candle.

tieghan gerard's studio barn

(image above courtesy of Anthropologie)

rustic kitchen details

What does the holiday season look like in your town in Colorado?

Picture a magical winter wonderland and that is Christmas in the mountains. The snow is falling, there are lights all down Main Street. Hot chocolate is served just about everywhere you go. There are all kinds of outside activities. One of the family favorites that we do each year is a dinner sleigh ride. I know it sounds so cheesy, but it’s honestly the best place to be during the holidays. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Your studio kitchen is a total dream. How do you transition the space to reflect the season?

For the kitchen, I kept things clean and simple. I’m in this space the most, and I’m always making a big mess! Consequently, I can’t have too much on the counter. So I simply added a mini Christmas tree, and invested in some pretty off white dishes that feel festive, but will also work year-round. My favorite holiday tip: I love simmering a homemade potpourri on the stove when I know we’ll have guests at the studio. Having warming smells of cinnamon and ginger is always so welcoming.

dishes and glasses in tieghan gerard's studio barn

tieghan gerard's studio barn

(images above courtesy of Anthropologie)

Tell us about Christmas Day in Colorado. We’re picturing a most picturesque family-filled winter scene.

Christmas Day is always complete chaos in our house. I’m one of seven, so the house is already full. But we also always have my cousins, my uncle, and everyone’s girlfriends/boyfriends.

There are actually 18 stockings hanging on the mantel at my parents. No one wants to miss out on being together for Christmas, so everyone packs in!

Our morning is filled with presents by the fire while eating homemade monkey bread. The afternoon is spent outside playing in the snow. We’ll usually have a bonfire going while everyone sleds or snowboards on the hill between my parent’s house and my little barn. We just enjoy having time to spend together with each other. I always cook up Christmas dinner, which is usually something simple, like a roasted turkey with all the sides. This year I’m thinking of switching things up though and doing Christmas pizzas.

fresh baked cinnamon rolls

beautiful winter fireplace

We are bursting with envy over this brick oven. Tell us about it.

Moving onto the pizza oven, one of my favorite pieces in the studio, that doubles as both my oven and my fireplace! We strung garland above the oven and hung my favorite cozy cable knit stocking alongside, to give the space an extra cozy feel. I love spending time here, listening to the wood crackle while drinking a mug of hot cocoa.

tieghan gerard's christmas tree in her studio

When do you begin your holiday decorating?

Thanksgiving Day!! My mom makes all seven of us, plus any other family or friends who have joined the family for Thanksgiving, go cut down our family tree. I always grab one for my house as well. My mom, my little sister, and I all love Christmas. So as soon as Thanksgiving hits, it’s GO time towards all things Christmas

Tell us about the cozy, laid-back look you gave your Christmas tree this year.

Lastly, we of course had to have a Christmas tree! We decided to put the tree right in the center of the studio. Which naturally makes everyone feel extra cheerful all month long. We planted our tree in a tin bucket, for a bit of a Scandinavian feel. I then used a chunky cable knit tree skirt to mix in a little coziness.

christmas ornaments

Favorite holiday memory:

Stringing popcorns strands by the fire while watching a Christmas movie.

Favorite holiday tradition:

Christmas Eve dinner with my family. It’s always the best!

Favorite Christmas song:

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” When I was a kid, my mom and I would dance around the kitchen to this song while baking cookies…usually while it snowed outside. Because yes, we love to do all the cheesy typical things at Christmas!

Christmas tree: faux or real.

Real. 100%

fresh baked cinnamon rolls

fresh baked cinnamon rolls

Favorite holiday dish:

I have so many, but I think Christmas isn’t Christmas without cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. My current favorite… my Overnight Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls.

Get the recipe here! 

tieghan gerard's christmas tree in her studio

This post was originally published on December 13, 2018, and has since been updated.