How to Be Happier at Home

By Cristina Cleveland


Step one to being happier at home, live in this picture perfect Parisian walk up. But if step one isn’t an option, there are plenty of other ways to be happier in your home this year. Studies show that experiences have a longer lasting effect on our happiness than things do, so start by thinking about what experiences make you the happiest. Do you love to entertain in your home and don’t do it enough? Is your hobby painting and yet you don’t have a space dedicated to it? Hone in on the activities that make you the happiest and prime an area in your home to do more of that. Haleigh Walsworth, the owner of this gorgeous room, enjoys having friends stay with her a lot of the time so she incorporated a daybed that doubles as both a bed for overnight guests and seating for having friends over. Keep reading for more happy home tips…


Be thoughtful about color – Color has been proven to affect your heart rate and blood pressure, so add to that the cultural associations we hold for different colors and you have a very strong tool for setting the mood of your home. Haleigh chose feminine pastels throughout her home, giving it a lighthearted Marie Antoinette feel.

Skip overhead lighting – If you work in an office, then you probably know by now that overhead lights are not the best for your mood. Opt for a mix of lamps instead.

Upgrade your loungewear – Nothing beats that Mr. Rogers moment when you come home and switch from workwear to loungewear. But if your loungewear is a mix of old, unloved t-shirts and sweats then you’re missing out! Try upgrading to a matching set of pajamas for an instant mood booster that you’ll be excited to come home to every day. They don’t have to be expensive to do the trick, Target has the softest material I’ve found.

Declutter – I talked about this in depth in my last post, but clutter can really bring you down. Whether you have items in your home that are broken, worn out, or carry bad memories, we could all benefit from getting rid of a few things. Once you’ve done that, find effective and beautiful ways to store what makes you happy, like bookshelves or handy woven baskets.

Grow something – You may be surprised by the amount of joy you can get from raising a plant like it’s your own. Not only do you feel a sense of achievement when you see it every day, but they also work to purify the air in your home!

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