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How to Decorate Like a Paris Boutique Hotel

Oui, Oui.

By Cristina Cleveland
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Last year I had the immense privilege of traveling to Paris for work and staying in one of their exquisite boutique hotels. My trip prior had been spent in the cheapest hostel in Paris; it was a best-not-to-use-the-shower situation. So when people kept asking “have you been to Paris before?” I felt inclined to say no, not really, not compared to this. The walls, bed, drapes and even lampshades were upholstered in rich red brocade. It couldn’t have been farther from the neutral minimalism that’s been trending, and that’s what I loved about it. I left inspired to bring elements of the look home; to mix the jewel tones and patterned fabric in to my own, more modern home.

Upholstered lampshades

In L’Hotel Providence in Paris, each room in the boutique hotel has a different patterned velvet adorning the walls and lampshades – there’s the fern print above, as well as a petrol blue, a gold monstera leaf print, and even a room upholstered red kilim print. Even if you’re not ready to go floor to ceiling upholstery, a lampshade is a fun way to add a flourish to your room. It’s not often I see lampshades in anything other than solid white or black these days, so this will definitely stand out!

Flea market prints

The rooms of the Hotel Providence are accented with flea market finds. Sourcing art and decor from flea markets or antique malls not only guarantees unique or one of a kind finds, it’s also generally a cheaper way to shop.


One day I’ll be ready for velvet walls, but until then, something smaller scale like a jewel toned chair or drapes will have to tide me over.

Cocktail bar

We’ve all seen bar carts, but each room in the Hotel Providence has a custom made mini bar with marble tops and upholstered barstools – to match the wallpaper and lampshades of course. If you’re ready to level up your bar cart, a mini bar or liquor cabinet is the next step. Deck yours out with depression glassware.

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