How to Fake a Headboard

By Cristina Cleveland
domino bed

bring-it-home-domino-bedWhen you’re working with a tight space, or a tight budget, a headboard can be one of those nice-to-have pieces that doesn’t quite make the cut. Don’t get me wrong I love the look of a low bed in the center of a sparse, white room, but in real life (and when you don’t live in a Scandinavian loft) a bed without a headboard can sometimes look like it’s lost or floating in space. There are certainly many DIY headboards options online, but if you’re looking for an instant faux headboard to anchor your bed in the room, without so much as a glue gun involved, then keep reading!


Vintage kimono – Take a page from Jennifer Rose Smith and hang clothing as art in the bedroom. Soft and flowing textiles, like this vintage kimono, can either be simply hung with a hanger and a nail, or you can have it framed for a more formal statement.

Lamp – Placing matching side tables and lamps on either side of the bed instantly create the symmetry of a traditional bedroom set, especially in the absence of a headboard.

Perfumes – I’ve always been in awe of my mom, who smells divine even when she goes to sleep! I’ve adopted her habit of wearing a light perfume oil at night, and like to keep a couple pretty bottles next to my bed.

Sham – The easiest way to create the look of a headboard is with the use of large pillows. I personally use six, just like the inspiration photo, and this gives my bed height as well as a soft place to lean when I’m up reading in bed.

Abstract art textile – The second easiest way to create a faux headboard is to hang a piece of art at the head of the bed. The combination of the symmetrical lamps, large pillows and a wide painting (or in this case, framed textile) are a winning formula.

Planter – If your room seems to be missing something, try introducing some plant life. Whether you favor a fresh flower in a vase or a low maintenance fern, greenery is so often the missing link.

Brass wall shelf – I’m guilty of having piles of books and notebooks on my nightstand, but a pretty brass shelf like this can help keep things organized.

Comforter – Want the plush look and feel of a luxury hotel bed? For years I was trying to figure out what my bed was missing, until I added one more comforter at the foot of my bed. This instantly gave me the extra volume I was after.

*inspiration photo via domino