How to Fake It ‘Till You Make It

By Cristina Cleveland
modern interiors

modern interiorsI’ll come out and say it, I’m not crazy about my kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, the cabinets aren’t dated and the countertops aren’t offensive. It’s not quite worth the time and resources to renovate, but it’s just not what I would have chosen. So what do you do when you don’t have the open shelving marble and subway tile kitchen of your dreams? I say fake it til you make it. Find a space in your kitchen to display the pretty ceramic cups and bowls that you would if you did have open shelving. In this photo a floating shelf was added below traditional cabinets, and in the past, I’ve faked it by displaying my dinnerware and pretty food canisters on a shelving unit. If you long for Carrara marble countertops, there are plenty of ways to bring those gorgeous white and gray veins into your kitchen at any budget. Have you found ways to make your not-so-dream kitchen suit your taste?bring-it-home-ensemble-architecture-kitchen-4Onion trivetapple book weight, & root bottle opener – After moving homes several times, I’ve made a concerted effort to only keep things that have a practical use in the kitchen. Luckily these beautiful pieces have as much form as they do function.

Porcelain pitcher – This may go against what I just said, but sometimes it’s ok to have beautiful pieces that you love, just to have on the shelf. Sometimes.

Condiment set – Whenever I observe seasoned entertainers and cooks at work in their kitchen, they always keep their most used condiments in pretty containers.

Le Creuset Cocotte (photo by paper flower girl) – The dreamy pink marble in the inspiration photo would be ideal, but these pink

Porcelain containers – These would look so sweet lined up on your countertop, and are the perfect size to organize your chopped vegetables ingredients – this prep work may sound tedious but it really does make cooking go so much smoother!

Marble two tier server – This piece achieves two primary goals: puts marble on your countertop, and creates a little display shelf for spices or mugs. I think I’ve just convinced myself to buy it.

Face tumbler– This looks like art work, but why shouldn’t you drink your tea, wine or juice from a little piece of art every day?

*Inspiration image via Ensemble Architecture, DPC