Can you believe there are just a few short weeks left of winter? Maybe it’s because our family grew to four this last year and our space feels crowded with toys and baby gear, but I’m feeling more ready than ever to begin spring cleaning. While I’m a bit of a clean freak, I have to admit my efforts towards true spring cleaning have never quite panned out. In the past, it’s been more of an impulsive deep clean on a weekend without preparing the time and supplies to do it properly. But this year? I’m going to pause, plan and be a little more intentional about the whole process. Here’s how I’m planning to do it:

Make an intentional list.

In a small New York apartment like mine, this is pretty clear cut. But for those of you who have bigger homes, I think it’s even more important to map out exactly what tasks you’re hoping to tackle this season. As mentioned, in the past I’ve thrown myself into a cleaning frenzy without a plan. Sometimes, that leads to an even more disorganized space than I started with! By creating an intentional list, I know I will get the most important things taken care of. 

Budget for supplies.

Some of us won’t need to pick up anything to make spring cleaning a reality, but what I have found to be extra helpful is to not only stock up on cleaning supplies, but to also get ahead on what you need to properly organize the spaces you’re deep cleaning. This includes stocking up on storage containers you’ll need to get the perfectly get it all in order.

Start with a clean space.

This sounds simple, but when I think of classic spring cleaning I immediately jump to the actual deep cleaning of closets and cabinets and so on, not the tidying of your space. In my opinion, it’s best to start with an overall clean home so that you can really focus on the details of what you’re hoping to accomplish. So make sure dishes are done, beds are made and clothes are all put away so you can really get to work! 

Tackle it room by room.

I thoroughly enjoy crossing items off a checklist, so breaking my list down room by room is not only the most efficient way for me to do it, but it satisfies that itch to knock my cleaning out one item at a time. I’ve also been guilty of cleaning one room and just moving the junk I no longer want in that room to another. By being a bit more intentional, I’m hoping to resist that temptation this year.

Don’t attempt to do it all in a day.

It’s safe to say that one of the biggest cleaning mistakes I’ve made in the past is spending an entire weekend doing it. Yes, it’s nice to get it all over with, but who really wants to spend a whole weekend stuck inside, cleaning? I believe it’s best to spread it out over time so you feel accomplished without it taking over one large chunk of time. As a parent, this is also helpful because you can plan to tackle the kids’ spaces while they aren’t home (hint, hint get rid of some of those toys they don’t play with), the kitchen when no one is needing to get in there to cook, etc.

Research which local charities you’d like to donate to.

Depending on where you live, there are charities that will come to you and pick up the items you’d like to donate or places you can drop your goods at. Putting this list together ahead of time is one of the ways we can make use out of the items we no longer need rather than contributing to more waste in our country. It can also be helpful to know the pick up schedules of local charities so you can clean accordingly. 

What’s something that helps you get in the spring cleaning spirit?

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    Samara Nail | March 7, 2020 at 9:41 am

    Re spring cleaning, I start when allergies hit! Dusting from top down & using natural cleaning products like vinegar & baking soda w/ old cloth diapers gets most of it. I spot clean thruout the year as I find really dirty areas; otherwise one shelf at a time.

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