If you’ve seen my house, you know I love my houseplants — there’s no chicer (or cheaper) way to add a major dose of style to any room. But what you may not know is that I’m terrible at keeping them alive. Since I’m determined to change my ways and develop a green thumb, I asked Chanel (our team’s resident plant whisperer) to come and teach me her best tips on keeping my houseplants alive and thriving. Watch the video and learn how to feed, water, and care for my 3 favorite varieties, and I’d love to hear your best house plant care tips in the comments!

Keep reading for the links to download our exclusive plant care cards…

Download the printable Succulent care card here.

Download the printable Golden Pothos care card here.

Download the printable Fiddle Leaf Fig care card here.

**Video by Eve Tarlo & crew, photos Kate LeSueur, watercolors by Chanel Dror**

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