How to Personalize a Rental

By Cristina Cleveland
How to Personalize Your Rental Kitchen // white kitchen with subway tile

How to Personalize a Rental Kitchen // white kitchen with subway tile & checkered floors
“Rental kitchen.” Those two words can strike fear into the hearts of many renters. The kitchen can be one of the more restricting rooms in the house to decorate, depending on how obliging your landlord is, so it takes a special kind of ingenuity to show your personal style in a rental. Believe it or not the Sydney kitchen of Nahji Chu (above) is a rental, yet still she manages to pack loads of color and personality into the space. Keep reading for my picks to bring this look home, and I’d love to know how have you personalized your rental kitchen?
how to personalize a rental kitchen // white subway tiles, colorful accents
Subway tiles – I once had a landlord who let me choose the backsplash for the kitchen renovation before I moved in. Thrilled with my good fortune, I of course chose subway tiles. Another option is to follow this DIY removable tile backsplash.

Mini Le Creuset Cocottes – I have fallen head over heels for these mini cocottes. Choose a few to set the color palette for your kitchen, and then you can use them as both decor and serving dishes for dinner parties.

Bread boards – If you don’t love your backsplash, you can lean some beautiful bread boards against it to create a layered look as well as covering up a bit of your tile. Look for a variety of woods in different colors and grains for best results.

Sunbathing print – Another easy way to cover up a backsplash is to hang up some art. This is another clever way to incorporate your color palette and personality in the kitchen. In the inspiration photo the bright pop art sets the tone for the rest of the room.

Tagine – Sculptural cookware like this tagine look stunning on open shelving, and they’re also very easy to use.

Stacking tins – Southeast Asian tiffin carriers have to be the prettiest version of tupperware I have ever seen. Use them as a lunchbox, leftover storage, or for your next potluck meal.

Stool – Of the wooden stool in the kitchen above, Nahji says “That crooked stool has been with me since I was 25. It’s been to so many homes that it just feels wrong not to take it on my life journey.”

Fruit basket – Of course a bouquet of fresh flowers would be lovely, but if you’re on a budget, fruits and vegetables can be a colorful accent in the kitchen. Plus you can switch up your look with every trip to the grocery store!

Rug – The black and white vinyl makes a bold statement in the inspiration image, but a graphic rug like this striped dhurrie can create a similar effect (and help to cover up flooring that you’re unhappy with).

*Inspiration photo by Felix Forest for Inside Out