The Most Important Thing Your Home Might Be Missing

By Cristina Cleveland

bathroom clawfoot tub

My coworkers and I have been talking a lot about self-care lately, and it struck me just how different each of our practices are. For me, it means doing restorative yoga in my living room, for one coworker it’s thrifting, for another it’s volunteering with dogs. It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is who you’re doing it for. It sounds simple, but it can be surprisingly difficult to commit to doing something you intrinsically like doing, and many of us struggle to make the space in our lives for it. Whether that means blocking our calendar and making space in our day, or dedicating a corner of your home to your hobby or routine, making self-care a priority can be critical for your relationships and your productivity. I’d love to hear in the comments, what’s your self-care practice? Is it something new that you’re trying to make more space for this year, or has it always been important to you?


If you live alone, then your entire home can be your sanctuary, but if you live with roommates, family, or a significant other, or you work from home, then it can be helpful to create a sanctuary space where you can shut a door and put on some music. I personally like to have solo dance parties in my bathroom, but if you’re more zen then you may enjoy a bath and a good book or your favorite Netflix show. Here are a few of my picks for Sunday evening self-care.

Sheet masks – Lately my favorite way to spend a Sunday evening is relaxing with a sheet mask. They create a 15-30 minute window of time that you are caring for your skin, with a cool and soothing sensation, and afterwards you feel like a new person.

Bathtub tray – No Pinterest-worthy bathtub is complete without a bathtub tray decked with a cup of tea and a book or magazine to read. You can even find them with stands for your phone or iPad while you watch a show or listen to music.

Exfoliator – There is something therapeutic about exfoliating and literally rejuvenating your skin. My coworker Leslie practices self-care by getting facials, and she says she likes to think of her negative thoughts flowing off of her and washing down the drain. I love that imagery!

Oil diffuser – Of course I love a good candle, and candlelight will go a long way in setting the mood of your space, but lately I have been trying an oil diffuser. Diffusing oils is the closest I have been able to get to the relaxing scent you get when you walk into a spa. I’ve been using lavender at night and peppermint in the morning.

What’s your self-care practice? How do you make space for it in your home and schedule?

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