Beth Herget and Charlotte Cauwe both have creative industry dream jobs: Beth’s a buyer for Madewell and Charlotte’s an off-the-charts cool jewelry designer. So the fact that these two gorgeous and successful creatives are also totally in love seems almost unfair. Together they’ve built a beautiful life in Brooklyn (along with one very cute cat). To say that these two have an eye for accessories would be an understatement — we’re obsessing over every detail of their apartment and impossibly cool style. Join us for an afternoon with Beth and Charlotte, and find out why a retro drum set was the best investment Beth ever made.

photographed by belathée

Okay so we’re dying to know — how did the two of you meet? Give us your best “meet cute”!

Beth: We had met previously in passing and I thought she was super cool — but we re-met at brunch, unexpectedly, with our friends. She and I bonded over playing drums and she offered to let me practice in her studio on her kit.  

Charlotte, do you agree with Beth’s version of how you first met? Any edits or footnotes we need to know about? 

Charlotte: Yes! The studio was basically the size of a closet. My vintage 60’s Ludwig drum kit was the real gem. I was really trying to win her over and see her again.   

So what was your first impression of Beth? 

Charlotte: She was so smart, so funny. I just loved the way she spoke and what a special person she is!  She has such an amazing personality, just that something special that anyone would fall in love with.  

And Beth, what did you think of Charlotte?

Beth: That she was hysterical. She is the funniest person I know hands down. The fact she is super cool, a nice person and really good looking was secondary to that. 

How long have you been together? Are you married/living together/dating? 

Beth: We have been together a little over 3 years and have lived together for about 2. Happily dating at the moment.

Beth, you’ve been at Madewell for a long time now. Tell us a bit about what you do there. It sounds like a dream job!

Beth: I oversee buying/merchandising for Non Apparel at Madewell, i.e. footwear, handbags, accessories and anything else that is non-apparel related.  I love my job — I get to work with product that I personally love and wear, and I love the team at Madewell. I’ve been there 7 years so clearly something is keeping me!

And Charlotte, tell us a little about your job as a jewelry designer:

Charlotte: I’m the designer and owner of Charlotte Cauwe Studio. I love being able to create something whenever I like. Whether it be I want something to wear for myself or some thing that instantly inspires me. I also love the whole design process of being able to sketch freely and experiment with function and design. Researching isn’t so bad either. Going to a museum, a concert or strolling the streets of NYC is what really brought me here.

What’s the best relationship you’ve ever been given?

Charlotte: Be sweet. My grandparents used to say that all the time. Basically respect and listen to each other and make it known everyday.  

Beth: My dad has told me — do not try to change or expect to change the person you are with to change. Either you accept who that person fundamentally is with the good and the bad, or you do not. Luckily, Charlotte happens to mesh amazingly well with my own quirks.

Beth, when did you know that Charlotte was “the one”?

Beth: After we began dating I remember being amazed at every single day or date with her getting better than the last. It sounds cliché but each moment became better and better — and we really have continued that trajectory ever since! She also has he ability to turn any bad mood of mine around through making me laugh.

Do the two of you have a “song”?

Beth: Otis Redding‘s “That’s How Strong my Love is,”

Charlotte: Yes, but it was The Rolling Stones version that I would always play for her when we first started dating.  

What’s your favorite way to spend time together?

Charlotte: We love going out to dinner and trying new places. Going to see bands or just playing records at home. One of the many reasons I fell in love with Beth is that she’s got great taste in music.  

What’s your go-to tv show to watch together?

Beth: The Sopranos — often Charlotte asks me to rewatch a huge series she hasn’t seen before and this is one of them. Best show on TV.

Tell us about a particularly memorable date:

Charlotte: Probably Beth surprising me on our anniversary by driving us to the airport and going to Miami for the weekend.

What’s the one thing you disagree about most often?

Beth: We don’ t disagree often, but let’s just say Charlotte is the tidier one of the two of us.

What’s the hardest thing about being married or in a long term relationship?  

Charlotte: Making time for just “us” time. I think it’s really important to connect and share your day to day with your partner. Have someone on your side through the good and the bad.

Beth: In a busy and over-scheduled world, making time to focus on just us is an important priority. I tend to spend time fulfilling social obligations or scheduling events for us.  Charlotte has taught me to relax and just spend time with us to regroup.

For single friends still looking for the one, what advice would you give on dating in the modern world?  

Charlotte: I would say it takes time to find someone so special. I was single for a long time and really made a decision to work on myself and make it a priority of finding someone really good for me. She’s the absolute best!

Beth: If possible being introduced by friends is ideal, but try to focus on people who make you laugh and who have a similar set of values. That will carry you a long way.

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