Is Midcentury Modern Played Out?

By Cristina Cleveland


Lately I’ve been on a mission to find inspiring rooms free of the ubiquitous tulip tables, matchtstick legs, fiberglass chairs. And can I tell you, it’s been very difficult! So seeing this French inspired rustic kitchen felt like a breath of fresh air for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a leather Eames Lounge just as much as the next design-obsessed girl, but personally I’m ready to be inspired by something new and different. The spirit of midcentury modern design was innovative and daring for its time, and I get the feeling that those iconic designers would not be impressed if they knew we were still stuck in the midcentury in 2015.  What do you think, have you had enough of midcentury modern? Or do you find it timeless and still relevant?

french country kitchen essentials

Orange tree and car prints – The home in our inspiration picture may be inspired by designer Karen Fabian’s family home in France, but it’s actually located in Newport Beach, CA. These prints evoke the feeling of California summer perfectly, while incorporating the color palette of yellows, blues browns and greens.

Copper double boiler – One easy way to give your kitchen that je ne sais quois is with French cookware like this copper and porcelain bain marie. In addition to cooking delicious food, they look beautiful on pot racks or open shelving.

Apron – While I don’t typically wear an apron in my daily life, the traditional feel of this kitchen makes me want to don one and master an extravagant French meal.

Antique wood shelf – Old, antique woods that have been visibly worn down over time are very effective at giving a space character, especially if you live in a newly built home.

Antique brass drawer pull – These may look like they belong on ancient library card catalogs (remember those?) but you can actually find them at Home Depot!

La Cornue stove – This dreamboat of a stove may be a splurge item, but the way I see it it multitasks as both an appliance and a statement piece of furniture for the room.

Citrus kitchen soap – Citrus and olive oil kitchen soap, because Dawn wouldn’t feel quite right in a French manor.

*Inspiration photo by Karen Bianchi for My Domaine