One of my resolutions for 2020 was to complete the creativity rehab program known as The Artist’s Way. I’m one week from finishing the 12-week course, and I can already feel a shift in the doubts and self-critical thoughts that used to pop up all the time. I’ve been discovering how my perfectionist tendencies were actually limiting my creativity, and picking up some tools to help me tap into my more playful side instead of shutting it down.

One way to do this is to create a space for ourselves in our home. It can be a corner of a room, a mantel, or a bookshelf – a space for the images and objects that delight us and connect us with our inner artist.

Living in a studio apartment in New York, it was tempting to think “I don’t have room for that,” but it felt important not to skip this exercise. So I cleared a window sill and then filled with a few of my favorite plants, rocks, photos and notebooks. It’s simple, and it’s definitely small, but it’s a dedicated space just for me. And if I can find the space, you probably can too!

image by 1stdibs

To me Kelly Wearstler is creativity personified. Every space she creates feels fueled by pure creative energy, and the way she works with textures and shapes feels playful and not limited by trends or convention. These are a few of my favorite pieces to channel her Malibu home.

Arc lamp 1stdibs, nude sculpture Etsy, cabinet cb2, tripod chair Anthropologie, steel legs chair Anthropologie, natural side table cb2, rug Pampa 

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