Jen & Ralph

By Chanel Dror
jen coleman and her dog ralph

Dog lovers rejoice! We’re kicking the week off with a heartwarming third installment of our new Fox & Hound series. Today’s subject: none other than Jen Coleman, 1/2 of the duo behind Ascot+Hart and famously, the @targetdoesitagain Instagram account. When Jen’s not curating collections for her online shop or styling inspired outfits, you can find this Texan kicking back in her eclectic home, cuddled up with her handsome fella, Ralph…

jen coleman and her dog ralph

Your name: Jen Coleman, Co-owner at Ascot + Hart / @targetdoesitagain

Your dog’s name, breed and age: Ralph, some sort of Wheaton Terrier Mix, 2 years old

  1. How did Ralph come into your life? My husband is a firefighter, and one day they found Ralph roaming the streets in the town he works in. He was a new little pup — maybe 6 weeks old — and no one ever came to claim him. After I saw photos of baby Ralph I had to rescue him!
  2. Your favorite thing about Ralph: He’s just such a good dog! He literally wraps his arms around us and hugs us! It’s the sweetest thing.
  3. Your favorite thing to do together:  Car rides! Ralph loves riding in the car, hanging out of the window with the wind in his hair! It’s the best… he is just so happy!
  4. The funniest thing Ralph does: Sometimes he sits up straight like a human on our couch and watches TV. Also, when he sleeps on his back with all four legs in the air!
  5. What’s the naughtiest thing Ralph has ever done? Probably in his early puppy phase, Ralph chewed on some of my favorite boots and chewed on my husband’s sunglasses.
  6. If your dog were a person, living or dead, who would he be and why? That’s tough! I think he’s a little bit of everyone! Sweet, silly, fun & loving!

wheaton terrier mix

*photography by Sara Garza