Jessi & Chloe

By Chanel Dror
Jessi of The Darling Detail with her King Charles Cavalier, Chloe

During her time on the Camille Styles team, Jessi was obsessed with dogs. The two of us would unwind at the end of almost every workday by googling puppy photos and researching breeds… in fact, our ongoing conversation was a big part of what inspired the Fox & Hound series! Shortly after Jessi spread her wings to pursue fashion blogger-dom full-time, she made the ultimate big girl decision: she zeroed in on a breed and finally got a dog. Ladies and gentleman, meet Chloe Darling…

Jessi of The Darling Detail with her King Charles Cavalier, Chloe

Your name: Jessi Afshin, Fashion Blogger at The Darling Detail

Your dog’s name, breed and age: Chloe, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, 9 months

  1. How did Chloe come into your life? Last fall I was in a season of life where I was very single (age 23). While working for myself (career-wise, alone), and also focusing on myself (alone), a little voice inside me told me to inquire about taking on a little furry friend. I promised myself I wouldn’t get my hopes up and that it would only work out if it were meant to be. All of the Cavalier wait-lists were 6 months, and my standards for this little one were so high (I wanted an itty-bitty girl so badly!) — so it started to look like it wouldn’t happen. But amazingly, within one week, a breeder called my cell and let me know she had a prospect owner cancel for her small little Bleinhem runt (only 1.5 pounds!) and that she would be ready for pick-up in one month. I’m still not really sure how she found my cell number, but my prayers were answered! Enter Chloe!
  2. What’s your favorite thing about your dog? Her company. I can’t imagine a day without my snuggle bug. These little furry friends truly become a part of you and bless every single moment of life spent together. She also teaches me how to sit back, relax and play a little while — which is crucial to my type A, workaholic personality!
  3. Your favorite thing to do together: Snuggle. Kiss. Play. I mean we’re basically dating — and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Sorry boys, I’m taken.
  4. The funniest thing Chloe does: Ha! Chloe throws a Chloe tantrum: she kicks up her feet and pouts every time she wants something. So this basically happens about 40 times a day, and about every 5 minutes. If we want to be fed, Chloe kicks; if we want to play, more kicks; if we want a treat — we’ll be getting a whole ‘nother kick tantrum.
  5. And naughtiest thing she’s ever done? She’s taken and eaten a very large chunk my best friend’s family room rug. She does it every week or so while we’re not watching (the hole gets bigger and bigger). I’m sorry, friends!
  6. If Chloe were a person, living or dead, who would she be and why? Me, of course. Her personality – she’s just like mom. Little girl knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to *literally* chase after it. But also, just like her momma, she’s a little bit stubborn and impatient. Plus, people stop me on the street all the time and ask “is that @chloe_darling_?” You betcha, she is way cooler than I will ever be!

*photography by Jordan Afshin