Juley & Jameson

By Chanel Dror

Juley Le describes falling for her Boston Terrier as “love at first sight,” and we believe it. Because ever since we laid our eyes on Jameson in this entertaining story about Juley, well, we’ve been in love with him too! Sigh… guess the charmer just has that effect on women.

Over a year into our secret admiration, we finally mustered up the courage to reach out to Juley to talk all about our mutual obsession. She gushed about Jameson’s sweet smushy face (obviously), his bad boy appeal, and his human-like tendencies… let’s just say, if we weren’t smitten before, we’ve now got full-on heart eyes.

Juley Le and her Boston Terrier

Your name: Juley Le, Blogger of Upperlyne & Co. and Chief Executive Dripper at Drip Affogato Bar

Your dog’s name, breed and age: Jameson Dewey Collins, Boston Terrier, 5 years

  1. How did Jameson come into your life? Five years ago, my boyfriend Josh and I couldn’t decide what kind of dog would fit our 500 square ft studio space and not-so-steady lifestyles. He was working in restaurants and I think I was funemployed at the time, but I randomly found Jameson on a website and fell in love. A friend and I drove ten hours to pick him up and surprised Josh with Jameson at 4AM! We’ve been in love with him ever since.
  2. Your favorite thing about your dog: He’s 80% sweet and 20% jerk. I know that’s weird to say but I love that he’s not perfect. He’s got so much personality but at the end of the day thinks he’s cooler than us, which we get a kick out of. And can we talk about his adorable face? It just melts my heart.
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do together? Cuddle…when he lets me! He keeps me on my toes just like his dad.
  4. The funniest thing Jameson does: When he does want to cuddle or get under the covers, he’ll tap us on our arms until we give in.
  5. And the naughtiest thing he’s ever done? He went through a serious phase of eating inedible things like brick, our memory foam mattress, and of the five years we’ve had him, only one pair of my shoes. I took that as a sign that he really didn’t like the way they looked, so I didn’t get too upset!
  6. If Jameson was a person, living or dead, who would he be and why? Definitely George Clooney. He gets more handsome by the day and is a perpetual bachelor. Now, I just have to find his Amal!