Justin and Julie Marie

By Jenn Rose Smith
Biker Love

Julie Marie Wier and Justin Kitchen are one of those couples who (at any given moment) look like they just walked off a movie set — maybe something with a Pulp Fiction vibe, or John Water’s 1990 cult classic Crybaby. As individuals, they both posses a rare combination of striking looks and truly rebellious style. And as a couple, it’s just plain cinematic. Justin works in sales at Austin’s buzzed-about bike shop Revival Cycles and Julie Marie splits time (incredibly) as an IT technician at the University of Texas and part-time model. But perhaps the most admirable thing about these two biker babes is that they’re genuinely nice people, and they’re very much in love. One afternoon with these two on sunny South Congress Avenue had me wanting to join their gang for life. But first, a little backstory for our script: two years ago Justin set out to pick up a friend-of-a-friend he’d never met to model in a photoshoot he was overseeing, and he had the windows rolled down with The Crystals playing on the radio…

photographed by kate zimmerman

We’re dying to know how the two of you first met. Tell us your “meet cute”!

Justin: Our friend Lindsey Lee introduced us at a photoshoot we were working on here in Austin. We constantly say to each other, What if Lindsey wouldn’t have invited us that day? Would we have ever met? I still think Lindsey knew all along we were right for each other from knowing us separately and totally played match maker. I’m just thankful she did!

Julie Marie: Justin used to sell vintage clothing through her online shop and she asked me to model the clothing. She arranged for  Justin to give me a ride to the photoshoot, so that was actually the first moment we met. I distinctly remember that he was playing The Crystals with the windows down and I immediately felt comfortable around him!

What were your first impressions of each other?

Julie Marie: I could tell right away what a creative, kind, and genuine person he was.

Justin: She was very beautiful and very soft spoken. Just being near her made me feel happy and nervous. I knew she wasn’t like anyone I had ever met.

How long have the two of you been together?

Justin: Two years this month.

Julie Marie: We are going to watch the Super Cross next weekend in Dallas to celebrate!

What’s your favorite way to spend time together?

Julie Marie: Treasure hunting! We love to go to flea markets and thrift stores and see what we can find. We also love when we get a chance to collaborate on a photoshoot or creative project.

Justin: Dinner dates, thrifting and sunset motorcycle rides.

Julie, when did you know that Justin was “the one”?

Julie Marie: It sounds pretty strange, but it was when I first saw his house. I could see that our lifestyles and aesthetics matched perfectly. We are both fascinated with found objects and clothing that have a history. I felt immediately at home.

And Justin, how about you? When did you know?

Justin: It never hit me that she was “the one” at any specific time. She just was from the beginning and continues to prove that to me daily.

Julie Marie, what do you admire about Justin?

Julie Marie: His creativity, originality, and work ethic! He is always brainstorming and working on new ideas and projects.

Justin, what do you love about Julie Marie?

Justin: I have never met a person as sweet and giving as Julie. She works really hard and stands up for what she believes in.

What’s the one thing you disagree about the most?

Justin: Food choice would have to be it.

Julie Marie: Yes, definitely FOOD! It’s one of the only things we disagree on. I’m a vegan and he is a total carnivore. Luckily, Austin has a lot of great places where we can both find something we like!

What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever been given?

Justin: Probably to never go to bed mad at one another and having good/open communication. 

Julie Marie: Yeah, relationships can never be perfect, but if you keep you own priorities straight and always communicate openly, you can try your best to help each other achieve your dreams!

How do you balance your budget together as a couple?

Julie Marie: We generally split things down the middle and pay for our own things, but he also treats me like royalty when we go out on a special date!

Justin: We usually purchase our own goods and try not to spend what we don’t have. We both hate owing money and help each other as much as possible to save and still have fun.

What’s the hardest thing about being in a long-term relationship?

Julie: I think the hardest part of a long term relationship is having enough time to spend together. With two very busy lives, we feel like we hardly get to see each other!

Justin: This question is like asking me what’s the hardest thing about loving ice cream. It’s all good as long as both people are puting in effort to make one another happy. Marriage shouldn’t feel like a job in my opinion. I constantly feel like I never have enough time with Julie. 

Tell us about a particularly memorable trip or date:

Julie Marie: The first summer we were together, we took a road trip to Los Angeles. The entire trip was pure magic! We spent the night in the Cadillac Hotel on Venice Beach and watched the boardwalk out of our open windows for hours! 

Justin: We found so many treasures thrifting all the way from Texas to California and got so lucky with free ugraded rooms on the beach that made our stay amazing. That trip was just what we needed and brought us even closer. 

Four items that represent key moments in your relationship::

1. A handpainted wooden motorcycle Julie made for Justin
2. A coffin necklace Justin gave Julie during their first months of dating
3. A photo of the two on Justin’s bike from their road trip
4. Justin’s jean jacket that Julie wears

When it came to combining your furniture and decor, do the two of you have a similar aesthetic? Or is it more of a yen/yang balance?

Justin: We both have a similar aesthetic which is why it is so easy to live with and decorate with Julie.Our biggest problem is never having enough room for all of our thrifting treasures we find. 

Julie Marie: Aesthetically, we are a perfect match! We have very similar taste in décor and fashion. We are both very neat and love to constantly change the arrangement of our furniture!

How do you two keep the romance alive in your relationship?

Julie Marie: I love to plan surprise outings and make gifts that show I care! My favorite thing to do is spend time on a piece of art that shows Justin I am thinking of him, even when he’s not there.

Justin: Lots of Chocolate!!! haha We are usually pretty busy so dinner dates and any adventure that that is new and exciting always brings us that much closer.

For single friends still looking for the one, what advice (if any) would you give on dating in the modern world?

Julie Marie: I would say… just be yourself and surround yourself with the people and things you love. If you are doing what you want, you are bound to find other people who love the same things. Don’t got looking for love. It will find you!

Justin: I would say the same thing. Just do what makes you happy and be open to new things happening to you. Love finds you when you aren’t looking.

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