Kim’s Modern Blue-Toned Bungalow

By Camille Styles
One of the most gorgeous bedroom set ups ever. We LOVE that blue

Some people seem to be born with great taste, and today’s subject, Kim West (who also happens to be one of my best friends) is without a doubt one of them. Though in some ways our aesthetics are polar opposite — on a recent trip to Miami she declared that she wanted “to move into” the maximalist Faena hotel while I was perfectly content to head back to our monochromatic space — I can’t help but swoon every time I set foot in her south Austin abode. Her background in fashion – she worked for Jil Sander and Marc Jacobs in NYC – combined with her current life as an interior designer gave her the perfect experience to co-found SUPPLY Showroom earlier this year with partners Callie Jenschke and Kristin Gish. Together, the three tastemakers source the most exquisite fabric, furniture, wallpaper, rugs and lighting from all over the world and draw a fan-base of designers from all over the state. It’s no surprise that Kim’s home is a reflection of the beautifully-curated world she works and plays in each day — and her husband David, 4-year-old Lulu, and 1-year-old Ollie only add to the fun and energetic mix. Click through for our favorite spots in Kim’s home along with all her incredible shopping sources.

*photos by Molly Winters

What’s the story behind the house?

The house was built in the 30’s as a building for UT Law School and was later moved off campus to its current location. Moving to Austin from a townhouse in Brooklyn we were looking for a home that had a similar charm and history.

What do you love most about your home?

I love the playful elements and how personal the space feels. My husband and I are very passionate about design and creativity and hope to instill this in our kids.

Antique Rug from SUPPLY, Patterned Pillows from Supply, Wallpaper from Ferm Living

What do you love about Austin design?

I love the laid back nature of Austin design and the mixing of old and new, high and low. The hospitality scene has become so inspiring in town and is getting stronger all the time.

The perfect night at home is ______.

In my men’s cotton pajamas (navy blue of course), watching a movie with my honey and ordering take out.

Bedding from Biscuit Home, Headboard from Stone Textile SUPPLY

Your home is so beautifully designed, yet you have a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old! Any tips for making a home chic and kid-friendly?

They have a great playroom that houses all of their stuff so that certainly helps keeping the rest of the space stylish. We keep art projects in the playroom and food at the table, they are used to living that way so I don’t really have issues. I also don’t have anything that is so precious I would be heartbroken if it was ruined. Wallpaper is wipeable, light fixtures and art are high enough from little fingers and leather is indestructible.

Wallpaper from Famille Summerbelle, Teepee from Wolfum

I love all the blue that’s woven throughout your home! What do you love about this hue? 

We just love blue, its really that simple. I’m drawn towards cool tones with pops of warmer shades. I really think design is about trusting your gut and investing in whatever it is that appeals to you.

Fridge from Big Chill

Biggest design challenge in your home:

Having champagne taste on a beer budget.

Who are your dream house guests?

Diana Vreeland, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer.

Wallpaper from Osborne and Little, Coffee Table from Bludot, Pillows from KufriLuru Home and Maresca

I wish I had your courage when it comes to wallpaper — it’s my favorite thing about your house. Who are your favorite wallpaper designers?

Wallpaper is so playful and high impact I just LOVE it. My favorite collections are Flat Vernacular, Voutsa, Custhom and Abnormals Anonymous all can be found at SUPPLY.

What was the inspiration behind starting SUPPLY?

We wanted to bring all of the talented independent artists we loved to the state of Texas and house them in an environment that felt warm and inspiring. We are obsessed with beautiful things and love filling our days working with them.

Star Light from Schoolhouse Electric

Your #1 interior design tip:

Hire a designer before you do anything, they will help you create exactly what you want and will save you money in the long run from making expensive mistakes.

Your home in 5 words or less:

Cheeky and charming.

Tablecloth from Saffron Marigold, Artwork from Robert Ryan