Loft Life

By Cristina Cleveland

modern loft
The challenge of living in a loft is that you can see everything from every vantage point. And the beauty of living in a loft is that you can see every piece of art, every vignette, and every piece of carefully chosen furniture from every vantage point! Despite the potential for design challenges, I prefer the latter perspective. Editing your belongings to fit into one room, keeping only what you truly love or have a use for is a practice that anyone can benefit from, no matter your living situation. So too could we all benefit from picking a color palette and sticking to it – it makes shopping and design decisions so much easier.  When I moved into my first tiny studio apartment I had to work hard to set my priorities, and I think that mindset continues to inform my purchase decisions. If you could see all of the rooms in your house at once, would you be happy with what you saw?

Candles – Candles can be expensive, especially when you’re looking for a large quantity to make a statement like the light fixture above, or in a faux fireplace. This set of pillar candles from Ikea has been my go-to because they’re budget friendly and unscented. If

Faux taxidermy – When you’re working with the long walls of a loft, it can be helpful to use art and wall hangings to create a focal point for each “room.” If you’re into the taxidermy trend, minus the taxidermy part, then this faux option is just for you.

Blue and white rugs – Rugs will turn your floating furniture arrangements into actual rooms. This is true in any kind of home, but especially in a loft, so use your rugs wisely.

Pottery – One of my favorite touches in the inspiration photo is the candle light fixture, accented with potted succulents. I’ve seen chandeliers like this before, but in this case the pendants provide the actual light and the chandelier is more of a suspended shelf. Someone diy this please!

Hanging chair – If you look closely, there is an actual swing in the background in the inspiration photo.

Flatware & dishes – Pretty enough to entertain with, but practical for everyday use (and the dishwasher), these flatware and dishes will present your home cooking in its very best light.

*inspiration photo by Aico Lind for The Loft