Has Millennial Pink Jumped the Shark?

By Jenn Rose Smith

How long can it last?

First we called it “blush”, then we called it “Acne Pink” (after the clothing studio nailed the shade with their signature shopping bags). Finally, the internet decided that this shade demanded it’s own hashtag: meet #millennialpink.  If design history has taught us anything, it’s that when a single color becomes ubiquitous across fashion, interiors, and graphic design, it’s destined to become dated to that era. It’s tempting to think that once a shade becomes popular enough to warrant it’s own viral hashtag, it has probably jumped the shark*. That said, there may be good reasons that we can’t seem to move on from this shade: it works beautifully with neutrals, paired with indoor plants, and has even been scientifically proven to be calming, even sedative. We’ve been going in circles about what shade to paint the front door at our new office, and despite ourselves keep coming back to a sandy blush. I still love this shade for it’s beauty and feminine energy, but I can’t help but wonder… what’s next?

*Jumping the Shark: This is one of my very favorite pop-culture references. The phrase “jumping the shark” is used to describe the moment when something that was once great reaches a zenith of popularity and overdone-ness, then quickly declines in appeal and quality. It’s a reference to the once great show Happy Days, whose decline is marked by one fateful episode where the Fonz attempts to jump over a shark on waterskis. 

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