Moroccan Staycation

By Cristina Cleveland
Elfenn Marrakech Morocco


Lately I’ve been overscheduling myself on weekends, leaving me with low energy levels as I head into the workweek. As satisfying and productive as it feels to add tick marks to my project and to-do lists, I’m focusing on ways to unwind at home for a classic staycation. Right now I’m inspired by the opulence of the El Fenn luxury hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. Its shaded halls and courtyards look like the ideal spot to read a book without a care (or a to-do list) in the world. I love how the contemporary design blends in beautifully with the arabesque patterned tiles and  carved wood – don’t those midcentury modern chairs and lamp look perfectly suited to the traditional Moroccan architecture? Keep reading to see my picks to bring this look home.


Rug – The runners lining the hallway are striking and a good reminder that multiple rugs can make a brilliant statement. So before you go out and buy a new rug, try layering the ones you do have

Side table – I’m daydreaming of finding a Moroccan wooden door to use as a headboard or room divider, but a smaller and much more accessible way to incorporate the geometric lines of Moroccan design into your home is with a small side table like this one.

Leaf print and tree sculpture – I love plants but in the interest of minimizing the to-do list, these artistic renditions of plants will bring the look of life and greenery into a room – without having to water and tend to them.

Sofa – This velvet sofa speaks to the brilliant green of the tiled floors and ceiling beams at El Fenn. Plus it’s long and deep enough to take a nap on – a true luxury fit for a staycation.

Lamps – These lamps are lovely during the day, but just wait until the sun goes down and they project their intricate patterns across the walls like a Moroccan discoball.

Marble bin – What could be more luxury hotel than a marble rubbish bin? (‘Rubbish bin’ felt more refined than ‘trashcan’).

Carpet pillow – While I may not be ready to tile my floors in vibrant colors quite yet, this throw pillow and its richly colored pattern can help take me one step closer.

*Inspiration photograph taken by Patrick Cline for Lonny.