Blush Pink

By Jessi Afshin
pastel pinks

pastel pinks

Raise your hand if you’re currently daydreaming of baked sweets, blush treats and pastel pinks. There’s just something about the blossoming shades of pink that embody February in the most quintessential way. And if it means that Spring is just one month closer — you can find me eagerly welcoming February’s pastel shades with open arms. Blush your way into a little February fidelity with today’s inspiration…

image sources {row 1} xo’s, lingerie set, feather, pink coat {row 2} la la, lips, hanging sweater, closeup of sweater {row 3} lingerie 2, hearts, pink heels, door, lipsticks {row 4} sweater, beach, pink pigment, pink ombre, pink cake