You’d never believe it by looking at this photo, but this patio used to be “a dumping ground for old plants and old furniture” before Sarah Sherman Samuel and her husband gave it a makeover. They built the wooden benches themselves using wood scraps, gave the corner a fresh coat of paint, covered up the rough cement with a rug and accessorized. If you have an uninspiring corner of your yard or balcony, then now is the time to create a space for lounging and entertaining so you can enjoy it through summer and fall! Keep reading for my picks to bring this look home.

Edison string lights – If you make one change to your patio before your next get together, let it be well-placed string lights. Nothing makes a quicker, more festive fix that will give your patio the feel of al fresco dining.

Stools – These versatile stools can be used as seating or side tables for your next party, and can serve as plant stands the rest of the year. Their sculptural bases look like artwork, and a group of them would make a bold statement encircling the modern fire pit.

Cacoon hanging chair – The 1960s vintage fireplace has a space age quality to its silhouette that contrasts well against the raw wood benches. You can capture the look and feel by choosing furniture with a similar qualities – like this hanging chair.

Striped and tapestry pillows – I tried my very hardest to avoid kilim throws, pillows or rugs in this post. They’ve reached a saturation point! But these more traditional stripes and the pink tapestry print are a slightly different take on the common geometric prints.

Banana leaf cushions – These banana leaf cushions are in the inspiration photo (you can see them peeking on the left side) and I was surprised to discover they are from Ikea! Stack a few for extra seating, foot rests, or a place to set drinks or plates during a get together.

Citronella candle – In Texas you can’t venture outside without first considering the mosquitoes. This giant 17-wick candle will help you ward off bites while creating a little ambient lighting.

Succulent plant and vase – This succulent (called Variegated Aeonium) actually has shades of pink and yellow on its leaves, making for the happiest plant and vase combination.

Fire pit – Substitute this simple, modern disc for the vintage fireplace in the inspiration photo. It’s a cost friendlier option, is easier to maintain, and gives you a fun place to sit around and enjoy fireside chats with friends.

*Inspiration photo via Smitten Studio

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