This holiday DIY checks out in every category: inexpensive, easy, and delightfully festive. I found these pine pipe cleaners at the local craft store and bought them not knowing what their purpose would be. But within just two minutes of bending and twisting, the wired greenery suddenly took on a fun snowflake shape, and so these fun minimalist wreaths were born. I could spend the entire day making different snowflake designs in different sizes, and once complete, they’re perfect for hanging on a door, window, bare wall, or even as a gift topper. Keep reading for the easy instructions!

*photography by Molly Winters

Pine Snowflake Wreaths



  1. Create an "X" with two pipe cleaners, then bending or twisting the wires to keep the shape in place. Add a third pipe cleaner to the shape, with the middle crossing over the axis, to create your base shape -- a six-point star.
  2. Cut a few pipe cleaners into small 3-inch pieces. Then twisty the individual pieces over the base shape to create a branching out snowflake shape, as pictured.
  3. Tie a long piece of twine around the top of your snowflake, and hang over a door, window or blank wall.

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Chanel Dror