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These 7 Home Decor Trends Will Be Everywhere This Spring, According to Designers

A breath of fresh air.

By Kristen Garaffo
Camille Styles living room spring decor trends.

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Spring is the season of renewal. An opportunity for a fresh start. Walking outside on the first warm and sunny day of the year—and seeing neighbors out and about, too—often feels like a collective sigh of relief. With winter’s chill behind us, spring invites us to lighten up, especially in our homes. The time has come to put away the heavy knits and faux furs and break out the gingham tablecloths and pastel throw pillows. Spring has finally arrived and we’re ready for a refresh

We spoke with several interior designers to get the scoop on what spring home decor trends they’re seeing and loving this season. It’s a dreamy mix of fun colors, soft patterns, cozy textures, and a dash of the unexpected. Curious to know more? Read on to learn how to give your home a fresh start with this season’s latest interior trends.

Mixing Patterns

One of the biggest decor trends of the year is individuality. We’re being encouraged to make bold moves when it comes to our design choices at home, and spring is no different. Amber Guyton of Blessed Little Bungalow is fully embracing the trend by mixing patterns for maximalist appeal.

“This spring, I’m encouraging my clients to pattern mix to their hearts’ content!” she says. “Don’t be afraid to layer different patterns with bold colors, even if the foundational color palette is neutral.” If this makes you feel a little uneasy (making a bold move can be intimidating) start small with accent pillows or dish towels. “Mix in something unexpected and outside of your comfort zone to take things up a notch and add interest,” Guyton encourages. 

Delicate Wallpaper Prints in Soft Hues

Wallpaper instantly transforms a room, and can make a huge impact on how a space looks and feels. Spring-inspired prints look beautiful year-round, whether you decide on a small, simple pattern or a large-scale print. Julee Wray, owner and head designer of Truss Interiors loves using wallpaper in the bedroom especially. “We love large-scale prints to be used behind headboards,” Truss explains. “It’s a great way to add depth and height in a way framed art can’t.”

Unexpected Red

You’ve likely taken note of the unexpected red theory circulating TikTok. It argues that a pop of red will improve any space, especially if it looks like it’s not supposed to be there. Red can be a challenging color to work with, but Chelsea Albright, the lead designer of Places Studio, is championing the trend, especially this spring.  

“Spring is a time to freshen up our spaces, and incorporating unexpected red decor is a great way to add visual energy in a neutral space,” she shares. Some of her favorite ways to add a pop of red are with small pieces of decor. 

“Incorporate items like coffee table books, vases, bookends, artwork, and even fresh roses,” she says. “You’ll be surprised how exciting a pop of red can be!”

Colorful bedroom.
Image via Blessed Little Bungalow

Playing With Color

“While neutral interiors will forever be a classic, be prepared to see more color this spring,” Scheck asserts. “Home owners are craving layering more character and personality into their homes, and infusing color is a natural way to achieve that.”

There are so many ways to include color into your home this spring, whether it’s wallpaper or simple decor pieces you can swap out with the season. Then, of course, there’s the magic of paint. “In any room you paint, the walls and ceiling should definitely be the same color,” Wray suggests. “Own the color!”

If you’re feeling bold, include both paint and wallpaper for a mix of color and texture—a trick Karen B. Wolf of K+Co. Living loves. “My preference leans toward accenting with paint or wallpaper in pairs. For instance, utilizing one material or color for two opposing walls and another for the remaining pair,” she explains. “This approach tends to harmonize the space and offers ample opportunity for any special feature to shine.”

Natural Wood

Another big interior trend this year is embracing natural wood and ditching fast furniture. “Natural wood is grounding and there’s something about it that feels comforting in a space. It’s huge in design right now and great for the spring season,” notes Bianca Ecklund, Designer and Creative Director at California-based Bianca Ecklund Design

If your spring home refresh requires new furniture, take the time to explore solid wood pieces. Mother Nature is the ultimate designer, so it makes total sense that natural materials look beautiful and help us feel calm. “For a chic space that pulls you in and feels comfortable, I love using some form of natural wood,” Ecklund says.


Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design wholeheartedly agrees with incorporating natural materials into your home, and she’s especially fond of embracing rattan for spring. 

“Rattan infuses warmth and texture into any space, effortlessly evoking a relaxed aesthetic in an organic way,” she asserts. “It’s a very versatile material and can be seamlessly integrated into a home through furniture, light fixtures, and decorative accents.”

If natural wood grounds a space, rattan adds a lighter, more playful feel—perfect for the spring season. 

Image by K Hayden Rafferty

Pastels as an Accent

It wouldn’t be spring without a bit of pastel, and if you’re not keen on painting a whole room pastel, why not think of pastel as an accent? “Painting trim, ceilings, and wall wainscoting offer an excellent way to add an extra element of intrigue to a design. This is especially true of spring colors because they inherently equate with new life,” Nina Grauer, interior designer at Dekay & Tate recommends. Pastel trim adds something special to a room, as seen in Grauer’s bedroom design above. She recommends paints with a gloss sheen for pastel woodwork. 

If color is not your thing, neutrals come in pastel shades as well. “We are definitely shifting toward warmer colors and are using light brown tones this spring, as they play well with a variety of accent colors such as navy, coral, and ochre,” Laura Chappetto of Element Design Network states.