Everything You Need to Refresh Your Life This Spring

Curate the ultimate spring aesthetic.

By Camille Styles
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Camille Styles spring refresh essentials.

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Each season brings a beautiful opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a chance to shed what’s no longer serving us and set intentions for the months ahead. And nowhere does this process feel more relevant than in the spring, the season of (quite literally!) new growth. Daylight increases and with it, our desire to come out of hibernation and embrace the opportunities that allow us to expand and discover new possibilities within ourselves.

In honor of spring’s arrival, we teamed up with Target to design a full spring refresh of four different life spaces. If you’re familiar with the process laid out in my Vision Workbook, you’ll understand the importance of attending to all those different parts of yourself that lead to feeling balanced and thriving in all aspects of life. So—take a deep cleansing breath, scroll on to get inspired for the season ahead, and get ready to grow (and glow!) from the inside out.

Spring refresh essentials moodboard

How to Set Spring Intentions

An intention is a principle or plan to help guide you closer to the person you want to be—and closer to your authentic self! I always set intentions for the year in January, so each season is a great opportunity to check in with myself on those goals, evaluate where I’m making traction, and stay open to whether those goals may need to evolve or change.

To get started, I like to pull out my journal and answer these questions:

  1. How do I want to grow this season?
  2. What is one specific action step I can take in each of my life spaces to get closer to my vision?

Then, you can set both specific intentions (i.e., “30 minutes of movement every day”), as well as general intentions (“Say yes to new experiences.”) Write these down so that you can revisit them daily throughout the season. Notice how it brings a sense of purpose and excitement to even the more mundane aspects of your daily life.

Spring Refresh Essentials

And now, inspiration and tools to refresh your life for spring in four different areas: wellness, entertaining, beauty, and style. I shook Target upside down for all the best spring essentials (because where else would you go for a complete seasonal overhaul?) to feel reinvigorated, re-inspired, and renewed in all aspects of life. This is everything that’s helping me lean into that fresh energy this season—I hope they do the same for you.

Target Spring Wellness products.

How to Refresh Your Wellness Routine

Season to season, we experience not just an energy shift, but the obvious, too: a change in temperature. As such, we intuitively gravitate toward different forms of nourishment and movement. In the winter, I loved my restorative yoga flows and leaned into my walking pad and at-home fitness programs. (FORM and SoulSyncBody are my current faves!) But now that the weather is warming up, I’m getting outside for long walks, hikes with the fam, and afternoons spent swimming. The same is true for how I eat and prepare meals. I love cooking with what’s in season, and slowly stepping away from soups and heavier foods to make way for vibrant salads, smoothies, and recipes that let my farmer’s market finds shine.

Apply this to your own life. How can your movement habits and routines align with the season? Maybe that means scheduling more walks throughout the week with friends or hitting the local hiking trails with your partner. Or have fun blending up colorful smoothies with your kids. A key part of living seasonally and in tune with nature is allowing it to guide how you experience your day-to-day. Reflect on what feels most supportive and intuitive and follow those cues.

Grab My Spring Wellness Essentials:

Naturium SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen / Honest Beauty Gentle Konjac Sponge / good.clean.goop Daily Vegan Chews / Stanley AeroLight Transit Bottle / Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Peptides / All In Motion™ Bodysuit / Bala Bangles

Target Spring refresh table essentials.

How to Refresh Your Table for Spring

The winter and fall were all about creating warmth in our tablescapes and layering on plenty of texture and comfort. While many of the same goals still apply—we want everyone to feel welcome and cozy—a new colorscape dominates our decor. Spring calls us to incorporate natural materials like wicker and rattan into our designs, and of course, the seasonal fruits and veg used to complete the table shift with the season. Create cohesion through complementary or opposing colors, layering on interest with different hues in your linens and dinnerware. I also love adding a few finishing touches that are reminiscent of the season. A sweet bunny is the perfect topper to any spring table.

Grab My Spring Table Essentials:

Threshold™ Wooden Decorative Bunny / Threshold™ Rattan Woven Serving Basket / Threshold™ Beverage Dispenser / Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia Stoneware Berry Bowl / Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia Natural Woven Decorative Tray

Target spring beauty refresh.

How to Refresh Your Spring Beauty Rituals

I get it: once you’ve landed on the perfect beauty routine, it’s hard to let go. And while I love a good game-changing makeover, I also stick to what suits me best. A seasonal refresh to your rituals is the perfect middle ground. It lets you change up your look without committing to something you might regret. (Impulse bangs, we see you.)

For a spring beauty refresh, I like to start with my scents. While we might lean on vanilla or woodsy fragrances in the colder months, spring encourages a shift to more tropical or floral body washes, lotions, and perfumes. Sandalwood is one of my favorite transitional scents—it’s still warm and ambery but has a light sweetness that’s reminiscent of sun-soaked beach days. The spring and summer is also when I like to opt for a less-is-more approach to everything. I keep haircare streamlined with a reliable, multi-purpose tool (no one does is better than Dyson), and I like leaning into a minimal makeup routine—keeping things simple, dewy, and fresh.

Grab My Spring Beauty Essentials

Saltair Santal Bloom Serum Body Wash / Mei Apothecary Spa Towel Wristband / Kristin Ess Setting Clips / Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Spring refresh style essentials.

How to Refresh Your Style for Spring

Like all areas of my life come spring, I want my style to be easy and breezy. That means light, airy fabrics that flatter any frame and a one-step wardrobe comprised primarily of elegant, but effortless dresses. And because I’m spending more of my days outside, I love activewear that can take me from my workout to brunch (and everywhere in between). With all that being said, I’m shopping for staples and accessories that do the most. Remember: your can level up your look with just a few new outfit essentials by investing in pieces that’ll easily elevate what’s already in your closet—i.e., everything on my Target style shopping list.

Grab My Spring Style Essentials

JoyLab™ Women’s Pleated Tennis Skort / A New Day™ Nina Slide Sandals / Universal Thread™ Caning Natural Tote Handbag / A New Day™ Satin Bow Hair Clip Set / A New Day™ Wide Leg Linen Pants / A New Day™ Maxi Sundress

You can shop the entire look on my Target storefront, where you’ll find all of my favorite Target buys for every space.

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